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During the planning workshop on the development of the urban centers of Da Nang City, many planning experts pointed out the limitations when Da Nang International Airport is in the center of Da Nang. Chairman of the Vietnam Construction Association Tran Ngoc Hung confirmed with the frequency of aircraft in the future about 1 flight per minute will lead to air traffic congestion in the airport area.

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The advanced urban airport model in the world is followed by Singapore. In the meantime, moving the airport can be good, but with the condition that an alternative airport of Da Nang is 40 to 50 km, the maximum distance of 100 km is not recommended.

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KTS Ngo Viet Nam Son

Tran Ngoc Chinh, chairman of the Vietnam Urban Planning Association, also said that the airport in the center of Da Nang still works, but "takes a new job", such as hard to build high buildings, cleft urban space …

Answer by Thanh Nien, architect Hoang Sa, former chairman of the Quang Nam Architects Association, stressed that according to the development guidelines of Da Nang city is the size of Asia, it is necessary to have goldland with corresponding dimensions. urban Development. And only 850 hectares of Da Nang Airport and 150 hectares of salt water can meet the above conditions. "I want personal land to build a financial center, trade … to motivate the city to develop on a continent, there is no other way to remove both airports from TP" He said.

Tran Ngoc Chinh said that, when planning, Da Nang airport is in a very convenient location, between the city should also affect the development. Da Nang has 1,250 km2, but more than half of the forest, the remaining more than 600 km2 can not build a new airport in the city. "A month ago, Ban Kinh Te Central and TP.Đà Nẵng organized planning seminars, there were many plans to move the airport," said Chinh.

Where to move?

President Tran Ngoc Hung proposed moving the airport to a new urban center. "With experience, lessons, we think it is possible to solve the problem of moving the airport from Da Nang by conquering the sea to make a new airport," said Hung.

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& # 39; Moving Da Nang airport is not a good proposal & # 39;

In the meantime, TS-KTS Truong Van Quang (Urban Development Association of Vietnam) proposed to study part of the eastern Son Tra Peninsula in order to build a new Da Nang airport, to take the old construction of the airport land fund to build an urban center. Mr. Kansai (Japan) was also built on the artificial peninsula or Hong Kong airport, built from a mountain that leveled the sea.

The opinion of the expert immediately caused a lot of criticism. According to Nguyen Cuu Loan, general secretary of the Da Nang Urban Planning Association, leveling a corner of the peninsula Son Tra to make the airport a "utopian" idea for "money where to do?". "The problem is wind direction." Danang Bay is a beautiful bay, so it is impossible to enter the sea for construction or urban areas, which is unacceptable. "Son Tra is also the" green lung "of the city that extreme caution must be exploited, & # 39; refuted Loan.

On the other hand, architect Hoang Sa architects that aeronautical technology is not allowed to choose Son Tra location to build the airport because of the static and non-static head and not safe when the plane takes off. . Mr. Sap said that in 1979 there was a plane crash on the mountain slope of Son Tra.

Although he opposed the relocation of the airport to Son Tra, architect Hoang Sa agreed with Truong Van Quang about the relocation of Da Nang airport to Chu Lai airport (Quang Nam). Mr. Sap said there are two options: one moves to Thang Binh, Dien Ban (Quang Nam), near Da Nang City with about 30-40 km, the ground fund can find enough to build a new airport. . However, it is very complicated because of the large clearance compensation, the costs for building a completely new international airport. If you select the second option, Mr. An Da Nang Airport to Chu Lai Airport (100 km away with 1 hour by car or 30 minutes by car) is a viable option. Chu Lai Airport already has complete infrastructure. The main runway is more than 3,500 meters long and suitable for large aircraft.

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Da Nang Airport is still well-reacted, so there are mixed opinions about the move

Danang must have an airport

Prior to the relocation of Da Nang airport, Nguyen Cuu Loan said that, or not to Da Nang, it should also have an airport to attract investors, tourists. In view of the socio-economic development plan from 2035 to 2050, up to the vision of 2050, Da Nang must have an airport. "Whether it is moving or not, Da Nang must have an airport, authorities can extend the administrative boundaries to have airports not far from the city, within a radius of 30 km," said Loan.

Mr. Loan also recognized that the strategic vision of Chu Lai Airport could be upgraded to a track development at higher speeds. However, Loan said that this development should only be considered when TP is eligible. With an area of ​​850 hectares, Da Nang Airport can increase the number of visitors from 10 to 15 million passengers per year. Currently the airport is still enough, but not enough because the military airport covers a larger area than the civil airport.

In the meantime, architect Ngo Viet Nam Son (planning expert) said that if the strategic vision, the move to a better position should come, not to a lower position. Moving to Chu Lai airport is not a good choice, because the 100 km long Da Nang will greatly affect the city's attractiveness in the future. Currently, Da Nang can still develop an urban airport. Airport planning and urban planning may not be separated from each other, which must match the planning units.

"The advanced urban airport model in the world is followed by Singapore, while moving the airport can be good, but with the condition of an airport alternative to Da Nang from 40 to 50 km is the maximum, but 100 km should not be," said Son.

According to the expert, the airport of Da Nang can be formed from the plan area radius of 1-2 km around the airport. In particular, to complete the belt route airport to prepare well for traffic needs and create value for the land zone belt development logistics services, trade … Functional sectors need TP altitude planning and green space planning; Given the possibility of opening the urban connection between East and West below the runway of the airport to reduce traffic congestion and facilitate commuter traffic, and to help improve airport capacity later on. .

Afternoon 16.9, conversation with Thanh Nien, director of Da Nang City Construction Department confirmed by Vu Quang Hung, TP has no policy regarding the relocation or transformation of the airport of Da Nang. "A proposal has been made to build a tunnel through the airport to solve traffic problems, city leaders have assigned the Department of Transport research to this proposal and will in future determine the general planning of the city," said Hung.

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