Thai Son Group is not the owner of the Thai Son 2 Finance – Affairs project

According to the Thai Son Group, in August 2005, the People & # 39; s Committee of the Nha Be district submitted a written opinion on the construction site, the project area is estimated at 303.730 m 2 on Phuoc Kien Commune, Nha Be District. In September 2005, the Ministry of Planning and Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City wrote about the agreement on detailed planning 1/500 for the construction of a residential area in the municipality of Phuoc Kien, district Nha Be, with a scale of 303,730 m 2 [ThaiSonGroupisnottheowneroftheprojectThaiSon2photo1"/>

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On the basis of the legal grounds mentioned above, the Corporation has negotiated compensation for soil clearance to be used as a basis for carrying out procedures in accordance with Decision No. 138 of 15.8.2004. The City People & # 39; s Committee and the legal regulations at that time. So far the company has compensated about 7 hectares, excluding the area of ​​4 hectares of channels, corridor area under the electricity lines about 3 hectares.

The reason for the long-term project is due to the difficulty of issuing new regulations concerning land, construction and business of residential real estate, investments, planning … so the inspection The city carried out inspections of projects in the city , including the project Thai Son 2.

Progress was slowed compared to the original plan, so Thai Son Corporation actively resolved the benefits with all Both investors under the provisions of Article 5 in the contract of investment capital contribution towards of liquidation of contracts, return money to investors, plus interest according to the law.

according to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the Nha Be district, Thai Son Corporation has so far not conducted the legal procedures that have been followed and have not yet been approved by the City People & # 39; s Investment Investment Site. Currently, Thai Son Corporation is not the owner of the project Thai Son 2.

A leader of the People & # 39; s Committee of Nha Be District said that the People & # 39; s Committee of the Nha Be district cooperated with General Thai Son Company 2 times to tackle difficult problems this project is entangled. Through the exchange, Thai Son Corporation said that compensation has released about 30% of the project area. However, the Thai Son Corporation has not yet proven that the compensation scheme for land clearance has not applied embedded land use management. As this is a civil contract, the People & # 39; s Committee of Nha Be district instructs Thai Son Corporation to sue in court to ensure legal rights and benefits.

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