Thang Long bridge expert will investigate the field to repair bridges

On 22/8, representatives from the Road Administration said that they contacted Russian experts and contractors who had built Thang Long Bridge to study and repair Thang Long Bridge. PRussia agreed to cooperate and suggested that the document be sent to them for prior investigation, Russia will investigate the situation. The department has forwarded a number of documents that were previously examined by the KEI consultant on the Russian side.

The Road Administration leader said that while the results of Russian experts' research are pending, the road authority is still maintaining and maintaining the Thang Long bridge surface.

Thang Long Bridge has often collapsed and creaks. Photo: Bá Đô.

Thang Long Bridge has often collapsed and creaks. Photo: Bá Đô.

The Road Administration has also proposed three options for the processing of Thang Long Globe to the Ministry of Transport.

Option one is to repair the whole steel deck, increase the hardness, increase the load capacity for steel plates; reinforced, adhesive, anti-slip plastic layer on the steel surface in the direction of restoring the design principles of the former Soviet Union.

The road map that assesses this option can solve all these failures, but it is expensive and time-consuming. The construction of steel plates is difficult due to the structure of the steel transaxle and the rail can not stop the mining.

Option two only shed repairs asphalt concrete surface as one, do not repair the steel structure. However, limiting this option will not completely solve the phenomenon of vertical cracks due to steel fatigue and reduced load capacity.

The third option is to pour mesh onto the steel plate, then glue layer as a plan and asphalt concrete. However, the heat generated during welding can deform the plate, which can lead to the flattening of the welds.

Recently the transport department in Hanoi reported the damage of the Thang Long bridge. The asphalt pavement on five main stairs of steel bridge drops, bursting many places.

Recent inspections showed that the road surface cracked nearly 9,000 m2. Area of ​​total settlement nearly 2,000 m2. The corrosion of the road, deformation of the road, 4 of the 8 connections are damaged and temporarily covered with steel plates to ensure road safety.

The Ministry of Transport has asked the General Department of Roads to repair damaged bridge sections to ensure road safety. Local experts assess the repair of Thang Long Bridge is very complicated because of the characteristics of concrete asphalt surface is spread over the truss.

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