The government attaches great importance to changing the current legislation

The government confirmed that the establishment and improvement of institutions and laws is a core task, giving priority to, in particular, the importance of reviewing and changing shortcomings and obstacles in the current legal provisions. Ensure uniformity, uniformity and feasibility of the justice system, contribute to the improvement of the institution, reform of administrative procedures, support for enterprise development, promotion of investment and business, ensure wellbeing Completion of objectives, plan for 2018 and the following years. This is clearly reflected in Resolution Nr. 109 / NQ-CP during the legislative session of the government in August 2015.

Ensure consistency of the law on public investment

Specifically, in terms of scope of the law, the government asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment to finalize the regulation on the application of the investment decision authority for public investment projects carried out abroad. To have legal reasons for implementation and to assign the government to stipulate and supervise its implementation; It also clarifies the scope of application of the legislation on public investment and the law on investments in the form of public-private partnerships (PPPs).

As far as the classification of projects is concerned, the classification of projects with construction components and projects without a construction component should be specified more clearly; Determining criteria for classifying important national projects based on analyzing and supplementing specific effects on the proposal to increase the national criteria for capital interest to 35,000 billion dong based on percentage, GDP; Assess, modify and supplement the criteria and competence of Group A, B and C projects according to the criteria of nationally important projects.

Change and supplement the legal provisions regarding the planning

For legislative changes to amend and supplement the planning laws, the government only requests changes to the contents of the planning laws, in accordance with the Planning Law of 2017.; To revise the names of the schedules to ensure consistency with the planning lists prescribed in the planning act; To reach agreement on the content of the planning; Abolishing plans for the development of specific goods, services or products that impede investment and business activities of companies and individuals, thereby facilitating the organization of the execution of the planning; At the same time to study and replace with appropriate and appropriate public management measures and instruments, in particular information and foresight work; To ensure the objectives and requirements of the government policy of the various branches of the bank, to ensure the stability and synchrony of the legal system.

The planning of functional areas must be synchronous, avoid overlapping, each functional area has only one master plan; Specialized functional areas are covered by specialized legislation, while other functional areas relating to construction activities have to apply the building legislation.

Review, modify and supplement technical and specialized planning, and ensure the principle of full and uniform integration of specialized content (technical and specialized planning in the fields of agriculture and development) rural areas, transport and other areas) in provincial planning, regional planning and national planning, in accordance with the planning system prescribed in the Planning Act.

At the same time, clearly define the responsibilities of the ministries and agencies when taking primary responsibility for and coordinating the organization of, formulating, evaluating and approving the planning to ensure the feasibility in organizing the implementation of planning.

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