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Wednesday 22/08/2018 12:00 PM (GMT + 7)

On the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Public Security is responsible to the government for carrying out the state management of the security and the order processing for debt collection services.

The Ministry of Finance has just issued a draft decree amending and supplementing Government Decree No 104/2007 / ND-CP on debt collection services for comment.

As reported by the Ministry of Finance to the government, due to the sensitive nature of business debt collection services, the practice of debt collection companies is still limited in practice. Violations of security and order.

In practice, this service makes use of unsuitable employees, standards; It does not meet the address stated in the company registration certificate.

The inspection and supervision of the authorities is limited because the companies (DN) regularly fail to report as prescribed. The Ministry of Finance has also identified a number of violations with regard to security and order, such as some companies that claim "terrorist" behavior, employees who deal with black kidnappers, blackmail collection …

The Ministry of Public Security will & # 34; Total collection service - 1

Hai Phong police recorded a collection group in Hai Phong

The draft decree amending and supplementing the Ministry of Public Security is accountable to the government for carrying out the state management of the security and ordering debt collection services.

In particular, the Ministry of Public Security will have to instruct the police at all levels to inspect, monitor and guide the implementation of the provisions of this Decree and other legal provisions relating to business activities. debt collection service; Issuing certificates of satisfaction of security and order conditions according to government regulations to debt collection companies.

The Ministry of Public Security must revoke the certificate of compliance with the safety and ordering conditions for companies that commit a violation of the law, social disorders and security; Inspecting and handling according to his authority acts of violating the rules on safety and order in debt collection services.

At the same time, to implement necessary professional measures to prevent, prevent and deal with acts of violation and crimes related to debt collection services. This is a new content proposed by the Ministry of Finance.

Currently, the government management of debt collection companies is as follows: for state-owned companies, specialized ministries will carry out the state policy of companies (eg the Ministry of Finance). State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC), State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).). The Ministry of Finance assumes the main responsibility for the preparation and submission to the competent authorities for the promulgation of financial regimes for state enterprises.

For other companies, the Ministry of Planning and Investment assumes primary responsibility for the preparation and submission to the competent authorities of the dissemination of the Business Law and relevant guidance documents; The Ministry of Finance is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the corporate tax policy.

Debt collectors must wear uniforms, carry cards while practicing

In the draft, the Ministry of Finance proposed to change the content of business conditions, complementing the dress code for debt collectors.

Employees of debt collection service companies must therefore wear uniforms, wear their employee ID cards and produce a letter of recommendation from collection service companies when they work directly. with creditors or debtors or with other related organizations or individuals.

For the above reasons, the Ministry of Finance said that according to reports from locations, the situation of corporate debt collection companies has become increasingly busier. Set up "black society, bear head" to collect debts, causing problems in the place where production of individuals, organizations debt … cause psychological panic, business obstacles, influence the name The freedom of the individual, the organization of the debtors.

Ministry of Finance believes that debt collection company is a sensitive company, so providing clothing for employees in corporate debt collection services is essential to strengthen supervision. The entire society for this activity by identifying debt collectors, limiting the situation of collection and disruption, as mentioned above.

The regulation of clothing also creates a sense of compliance by the law of employees in business collection services, limit violations in the collection of debts, which demonstrate the professionalism of employees in companies. Debt collection services.

Eliminate debt collection

Debt collection agencies use a lot of tactics when they "press the law" exert pressure on debtors, but the authorities are difficult.

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