Unexpected reason for the director to declare unfair

The reason that Mr. Qiao is disciplined because of lack of honesty in public registers.

Concerning the information from director of Hai Duong Library was dismissed because of unfair statements, on September 1 confirmed exchange with Dat Viet, Nguyen Duong Thai, chairman of Hai Duong People & # 39; s Committee the incident.

"Everything has a reason and is in the disciplinary decision," said Thai.

As reported, Mr. Thai signed the decision to discipline Mr. Dinh Xuan Quyen, director of the Hai Duong Provincial Library, in the form of dismissal.

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Library of Hai Duong Province, where Mr. Qiao holds the position of director. Image: Director

Mr. Dinh Xuan Quyen was disciplined for dismissal due to a lack of honesty in the public officer's statement, in violation of the provisions of the governmental decree on disciplinary action against civil servants.

In addition, Mr. Qiao also conducted the amount of 10.2 million outside the books, in violation of the law on corruption prevention and accounting legislation.

With the aforementioned violations, Mr. Qiu was dismissed earlier by the Provincial Party Committee of Hai Duong Province through dismissal of positions in the party.

In 2008, Mr Qiao and his wife gave birth to a third child, which was contrary to the policies of the population – family planning. Mr. Qiao was not honest and claimed his biological child.

At present, Ms. Do Thuy Nga, vice director of the Hai Duong Provincial Library, is in charge of the library of Hai Duong Province.

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