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VnEconomy has introduced the recommendations and investment recommendations of some securities companies on market performance on 23/8/2018.

The UN Index closed the trading session on 22/8 and increased 2.94 points to 982.15 points. Meanwhile, the HNX Index dropped 0.04 points to 109.99 points.

Must accumulate before level 1000 is reached

(Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock Company – BVSC)

The UN Index surpassed 980 points and the market fluctuated strongly when the UN Index passed this level. The market trend is still fairly stable, but the market needs more accumulation sessions before it goes back. milestone 1000 ".

Wait for new support information to break through level 1000

(Bank for investment and development of Vietnam – BSC)

"While the profitable pressures on bank stocks rose slightly during the afternoon session, the UN Index today gained somewhat, as investors continued to maintain optimistic sentiment on positive outlooks for tension, as did the Fed's ability to raise interest rates in the forthcoming September meeting. to increase.

Foreign investors continued to support the market today as they continued to be net buyers, particularly MSN and HPG. BSC said the market is in a short-term state of accumulation, pending new supporting information to break the level of 1000 points in the next session, investors should continue to follow developments in US trade – China this week to the position open when there is positive information.

Keep going up

(FPT Securities Joint Stock Company – FPTS)

"Money flow to the market slowed during the afternoon session and the movement to limit the price hike, so the features of the session today are almost equal to the session of August 17, which shows signs of reversing many big codes. finance and real estate to shake up the strong volatility can continue in the next session.

Investors must be careful with new payouts, because even in case the UN Index rises, the distance to the psychological threshold of 1000 points is not great. The advantage of buying at this moment is probably only for investors in the medium to long term. In addition to the hot stocks, there are still many underlying stocks that retain their accumulation. "

The market conditions are reasonably in balance

(Viet Dragon Securities Corporation – VDSC)

"The indices continue to fluctuate in a narrow band with stable liquidity, demonstrating that the market is balanced and the stocks are highly diversified and not much dependent on the overall market." Investors continue to hold stocks showing a good upward trend.

Increase with target 1000-1.010

(Joint Stock Company Viet Capital Securities – VCSC)

"Short-term techniques remain positive for the indicators, while VNSmallcap improves the medium-term signal from negative to neutral in order to remain in sync with the rest, but the upper resistance levels are fairly close, at 990 points with VN Index, 967 points with VN30, 920 points with VNmidcap or 110.5 points with HNX Index will be obstacles with high demand.

It is predicted that the market for the indices will continue to rise sideways to test the above resistance levels before a correction is seen at the end of the week. However, the recovery trend from the beginning of July to the present will be maintained in the last week of August with the target of 1000-1010 points for the UN index.

Collect with a narrow margin

(Vietcombank Securities Company – VCBS)

"The VNIndex continued its rally today under the leadership of large cap stocks and the uptrend was weak at the end of the morning as pressure on earnings increased Banking and oil and gas, the main support of the market in the previous session.

The market continued to accumulate with a limited range in the absence of supporting information and the range of 960 – 970 points continued to play a strong supporting role today. We strongly encourage our investors to closely monitor market movements and to increase their exposure to stocks with good prospects based on fundamental analysis. "

Vibrating takes place more

(Saigon – Joint Securities Stock Company – SHS)

"From a technical point of view, the threshold of 990 points (MA50) and 1,000 points (MA20) remains both the resistance and the target of the UN index in the next few sessions, more than when the market tries to reach these highs.

It is predicted that the UN Index will adapt to test demand at lower levels of support. Short-term investors balance the balance and continue to benefit from the rally of the market to close the portfolio of previously purchased shares.

Medium-sized and long-term investors continue to hold stocks that are well-positioned in the portfolio and positive growth prospects in the coming period. "

Market commentary on securities companies cited by VnEconomy is only valid as a source of reference information. Securities firms may have conflicts of interest with investors when making an assessment.

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