What is your wage if you start working at work on 2 September?

According to the provisions of Article 115 of the Labor Act 2012, the National Day, employees are entitled to one day off (calendar 02/09). According to announcement 5427 / TB-BLDTBXH of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, because the national holiday this year coincides with the Sunday is a weekly holiday, civil servants and employees will receive compensation Monday. (3/9 day).

So: civil servants, employees and employees with a Saturday leave mode are entitled to 3 days off, from Saturday 1 September to Monday 3 September 1818; Unemployed workers are entitled to two days off on Saturday, from Sunday 2 September to Monday 3 September 1818.

In accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code 2012 on wages, in accordance with Article 115, first paragraph, under e), the employee is entitled to full payment and leave on 2 September.

If the employee goes to work on 2 September, the salary is at least equal to 300%, excluding salaries, public holidays and salaries for workers receiving daily wages (total salaries are 400%) of normal days).

According to point c, Clause 1, Article 97 of the Labor Code 2012, the worker who has worked overtime on 2 September at night will receive 90% extra of the normal day's salary (total salary is 490% of normal days' pay). ).

With regard to the bonus, pursuant to article 1, article 103 of the Labor Act 2012, the employer bases himself on the annual production and business performance and the completion level of the work of the worker to determine the bonus for the worker. . The payment for the national holiday of 2 September is optional and is determined by the employer.


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