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Questions asked during the ASOCIO Smart City Summit 2018 – Hanoi, with the theme "Building a smarter, safer city with digital solutions", morning 18/9.

Tp. Hanoi has approved a project to build a smart city by 2030. According to experts, this requires huge capital investments and the problem: where does Hanoi get money to do Smart City?

According to Nguyen Duc Chung, chairman of the HCMC People & # 39; s Committee In Hanoi, the city will spend funds from the Hanoi budget on the program, including mobilizing funds from local IT companies. city.

"According to the trend, which is gradually becoming a public service, we will shape and gradually classify it in the spirit that all public services that can be privately run will be gradually transferred to the private sector." Resources will be mobilized from the people themselves and the services that people use, and then from the database, "Chung said.

He also said that the city also has a policy of socialization for hiring services related to software and infrastructure of enterprises in the spirit of hiring the most of the data center, translation security services, the rent of the service line, the writing of software will go in the direction of mobilizing all resources, including finance, gray matter … to build Smart City.

According to the head of the People & # 39; s Committee Hanoi, at present, Hanoi is one of the megacities in the world in terms of size and population size. Rapid urbanization and rapid population growth have led to many challenges in the fields of planning, traffic jams, safety, health, education, energy, housing, environmental pollution.

Yet Hanoi wants to become a smart city model that offers convenience, safety and friendliness to all people, based on the application of the key technologies of the industrial revolution 4.0.

People must be centered

The implementation of this goal in the context of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution is accelerating with emerging technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality, cloud computing, robots, Big Data. , Blockchain, an artificial intelligence that requires leaders, administrators and technological experts to work together to choose the right approach and steps to build a city or city that can improve and improve high quality of living environment for people, stimulation of growth and socio-economic development.

And so, in order to build Smart City, Chung asks a lot of questions: which model, which method to develop Smart City, the & # 39; sustainable & # 39; of Smart City in the context of the industrial revolution 4th time? How should policy formulation be created to facilitate the construction of a smart city?

The issue of staff training, the development of a digital conversion strategy, the building of digital connectivity and network security, the construction of innovative ecosystems and the start-up of companies will be implemented. What?

A conference call also asks the question of "reversed" that "the reverse of Smart City is how to adapt in Smart City"?

Speaker of the speakers, Mr. Pereric Hogber, ambassador of Sweden in Vietnam, said it is important to be aware of the nature of Smart City and Smart City not to make "mystery, confusion" that should have. Transparency, open dialogue with people, shared about the goals the city wants to tackle, and listening to what people are looking forward to.

"The idea of ​​Smart City is people-oriented, open-minded and open to people," said the Swedish ambassador in Vietnam.

On the other side of Smart City, Truong Gia Binh, chairman of the Vietnam Software and Services Association (VINASA), said that the first revolution left behind a sixth of the world's population. Without clean water, the second industrial revolution leaves a third of the population without electricity, the third industrial revolution – the last time – half of the population without internet access.

But is this fourth revolution even more modernized and do we leave this technological progress behind for man? Therefore, according to Binh, the role of education and training is very important to not let anyone down, so that everyone is brought back from Smart City.

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