Yamaha LEXi, Honda & # 39; s cheap PCX rival. Car engine

Yamaha LEXi – another version of the NMax and rival Honda PCX has officially commercialized for $ 1800.

Yamaha LEXi, Honda & # 39; s cheap PCX rival

After being sold on the Indonesian market for $ 13,600 earlier this year, Yamaha continues to enter the Thai market for about $ 1,800 considerably higher than its neighbors. Earlier this car was exhibited in April by the Japanese auto show Bangkok, but did not announce the price.

Although the name is pretty strange, but LEXi can be considered a cheaper version or a Yamaha NMax for the junior. With a 125 cc engine, this is the counterpart of the new Honda PCX 125, tuned to the middle-aged segment without high demand for a high-end car.

In 2015, Yamaha also launched NM-X (NMax) in Vietnam, but confronted Honda SH with 150cc engine and ABS brakes instead of PCX. Unfortunately, the price is almost double that of other countries in the region and the style of picking up the NM-X seems to have fallen into oblivion, while the Japanese car itself is not interested in launching a new version. or advertise this car for the masses.

Yamaha LEXi was born to confront Honda PCX

Back to the LEXi, this car ownership model Blue 125 cc engine for 11.7 hp power, torque 11.3 Nm comes with stop system to start the stop / stop. Remarkably, despite its low price, it still has ABS brakes on the front wheels, LED headlights, modern LCD watches. Other gadgets are the large luggage compartment, comfortable seats, portable charging port or smart lock.

Yamaha sold two versions of LEXi for customers to choose between $ 1800 and $ 1,950. It is not clear whether the car is sold in Vietnam or not. If imported cars are difficult to get competitive prices, but if they are assembled at the same price as the Thai market, this is a formidable competitor to Honda PCX.

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