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All rejections in Vu Gia have been resolved in the last episode of "A lifetime of resentment". But the film also reacted because the scene was a shield and did not convince actors.

A life full of resentment – last time one of the highest ratings on VTV – the last episode aired on the evening of 23 August. It is a television series with two consecutive broadcasts with a total duration of 72 episodes, ending with A life full of resentment many spectators are waiting.

Before the last episode aired, the public divided the faction predictions on social networks. Many people wish Dung (Hong Diem) with Manh (Manh Truong), but many people see the hope of choosing Hoa (Thien Tung) – the man who came up with her in the most difficult months.

& # 39; In the end, the main character of the drama 1
Excellent scene of Hong Dang and Lan Phuong.

The scene of Lan Phuong and Hong Dang

In contrast to the usual television drama motif, all conflicts are usually resolved only in the last episode. with A life full of resentmentThe last episode was fairly light because many of the nodes were removed in episode 71.

Episode 72 begins with the story of Dieu (Lan Fang). Since he was arrested, Dieu was always in a state of unrest. Dieu's disease was serious and forced her to go to a psychiatric hospital. This caused both Phong and Thuy (Luong Thanh) pain.

At the moment Dieu recognized no one except Phong. Dieu is a cruel, cruel woman, but after all Phong chose to ignore Dieu. In the hospital, Phong for Dieu the interest Dieu had for a long time.

See Dieu half crazy, he can not hide the feeling. Feng has arranged a birthday full of love for Dieu.

After many sins caused Vu Gia, Dieu was punished. But at the same time she received love, interest from Phong.

Scene Phong gave cake to Dieu, two people tears together to convince the spectator. Many viewers commented that this moment was about the implementation of Hong Dang and Lan Phuong.

"Lan Phuong is too ecstatic Hong Dang and Lan Phuong make the audience too painful, two people really a few too miserable, the youth passed unhappy, no children, is also a human goal", an audience remarked.

& # 39; In the end, the main character of the mask 2
Lan Phuong has many moments of acting god when he plays Dieu.

Eventually the two main characters were criticized

One of the most viewed by the public is Dung's choice in love. Dang had awakened from a bed coma. Binh also no longer stubborn. Binh accepted Post's forgiveness and gradually accepted his father.

An absolute truth is also found. She also accepted her true identity, the girl started calling her mother and Post is father.

Every storm is over, Dung felt a lot lighter. Inwardly she thought it might be time to fulfill her promise to marry Hoa. Dung also met Dang to talk about important decisions of life.

Meet Post before the wedding, said Dung who is unable to return to the Post, but the two can still be friends. Dung's kitchen always welcomes the Post: "We can still listen to a song and enjoy a good teapot."

But with Hoa, the 20-year period of fertilizer is sufficient to understand Dung's heart. That is why Hoa expressed the deepest thoughts with Dung on the wedding day.

"Between us there are so many things that are called grace, but love and grace are two completely different things," Hoa told Dung and soon Log appeared. Give back to Dung Dung and at the same time wish the two happy.

& # 39; For some reason, the protagonist of the mask 3
Manh Truong got criticism because he acted like a movie star.

A life full of resentment End with Dung and Post together.

On the social network, many viewers criticize the end of the film shield and do not create emotions for viewers. Marital space is also relatively scarce, given some guests although kept on the coast.

Especially the performances of Hong Diem and Manh Truong made many viewers angry.

"Unable to endure Manh Truong and the acting of Hong Diem, almost at the beginning and at the end of the film, after the tornado split in 20 years, Dung and Dang came together again, but the acting of the two actors It is not the emotions of the character, "an opinion about social networks and many people agree.

Episode 71: & # 39; A lifetime of remembrance & # 39 ;: Lan finally complains about himself

After all resentment, hatred at Vu Gia for 20 years, Lan has recognized his mistake. Lan also met Dung and did not blame her.

A life of memory previous episode

A life of memory previous episode

72 episodes

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