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Critically praised after the first two episodes of broadcast because of too many negative aspects, the agency also came in, producer Date & Kiss still did not speak.

Dating program Date & Kiss (Dating and kissing) are boycotted online when there are so many intimate scenes. Many people believe that manufacturers deliberately use content, shocking images with the goal of "view view", and attract attention from viewers.

The hot man of & # 39; Date & Kiss & # 39; looks at the brave embrace of the players After the first episode was broadcast with so many intimate scenes between the participants, the dating show "Date & Kiss" was deliberately used shockingly to "view the sentence".

Producer is unclear

When it is launched, Date & Kiss Introduced on the YouTube channel is a reality TV program (based on the content of MBC Holding Japan). Under the description of the video, next to the introduction of the program, the name of the co-production unit Date & Kiss Appears, including links to the home page.

After receiving negative feedback from the viewers, on August 26th, via the fan page and the release channel, the producer of the broadcast program stops broadcasting and there will be substantive changes in the direction of the sentiment, more lightly.

With that, Date & Kiss There are operations in the description. The names of the combined production units and the previous link have been removed.

& # 39; Date & Kiss & # 39; and a map of the city
Date & Kiss Criticized for the fact that there have been so many kiss scenes between strangers after the first two episodes. Clip of clip.

Zing.vn Contact MCV Media – the unit mentioned in the introduction of the program Date & Kiss – to learn more about this problem. The company, however, only indicates that it does not participate in the production of programs & # 39; s Date & Kiss and declined to comment.

The remarkable thing is that earlier, the video's of Date & Kiss posted on the YouTube channel MCV TV with more than 934,000 followers. MCV TV was introduced as the entertainment channel of MCV Media.

Currently, MCV TV has removed all videos from it Date & Kiss. Official Facebook fan page can not be found.

& # 39; Date & Kiss & # 39; program and a map of the office 2
The video & # 39; s of Date & Kiss posted on a YouTube channel called MCV TV, was introduced by MCV Media. Screenshot.

YouTube was released on 27 August Date & Kiss Episode 3 from another account. According to comments, the content of episode 3 is polite and not repulsive, because the two parts were previously criticized.

After the program was criticized, My Trinh (name of the character was changed), a player of Date & Kiss said she had many problems and regretted that she had participated in the program.

"You should not think too simply and naively not to look carefully at the contract until the turn can not be pulled," trusted 9X.

According to her, the program responded partly because of the lack of professional work of the crew.

"The program is disgusting because of the way filming and filmmaking is too sketchy, while foreign sites do, but very clean, the program is spread," the player confirmed.

The warnings for dating game shows are becoming increasingly daring

in front of Date & Kissgame Dare Pong I received a lot of opinions about the content, how to play. Challenges such as describing the three "love" positions you like most, pulling out your opponent's jersey with your teeth, licking the food on your body … are considered offensive .

Representatives of the production group Dare Pong, after receiving comments and suggestions in the first nine episodes of the season, the team changed a lot when it debuted in season two.

"Feedback in season one of Dare Pong It is good, but there are also some places, so it is not appropriate to edit the content in season two to be less sensitive, "he said.

Currently Dare Pong season 2 has released 8 episodes. The total views of official channel videos are almost 75 million.

Representative of the production team said: "For Dare Pong, Players have the option to dare (challenge) or drink (alcohol). Nobody is obliged to do if they do not want to. In addition to embracing scenes or daring challenges, Dare Pong It also creates a humorous interaction between players. "

Additional information after the content has changed less violently than before, the video still has a good picture.

Date & Kiss, Dare Pong used to be These examples show that more and more programs and games for Vietnamese youngsters revolve around the theme of love and dating. Instead of showing on television, these games shows choose the online distribution channel, the social network.

Most programs come from or are licensed by foreigners and have a bold approach, where many intimate scenes are used, physical contact between the players.

The reasons for this program are the wave of controversy and criticism: by using negative images to view & # 39; phrases & # 39 ;, the way of playing is not suitable for the fine traditions and customs of traditional love . ..

The challenge of sexy dancing, undressing with the teeth of Dare Pong Dare Pong is a game of drinking alcohol with a variety of challenging, sometimes offensive, coming from the participants.

* Mr. Ngo Huy Toan – Head of Online Press and Information Services (Ministry of Information and Communication) said the authorities received a lot of negative feedback about the game show. Date & Kiss to get circulate on YouTube and coordinates various agencies to investigate and verify the production unit for games.

Tran Viet: The program is nonsense, no contact, not loyal to the fine customs, must boycott.

You Lam Minh Tam: very crude and offensive, suggest the authorities to pay at the level of violation.

* Nguyen Minh Khoi: slowly they will bring the bed scene to the game show, to imitate the game show abroad, a creative lack of so much ignorance.

Too naïve to participate in a pillow schedule & # 39;

A character who surfaced on the dating program was "stoned" because there were so many negative feelings that she was crushed by unforeseen reactions from public opinion and friends.

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