& # 39; I like to go balo and get inspiration for new items & # 39;

Chef Vo Hoang Nhan has been making thousands of delicious recipes in the kitchen for 17 years, flavored with ethnic. But he admits, there is a time when the idea itself, I do not know what I have to eat tonight or tomorrow, will be familiar with delicious new food. Behind the dishes that form the name of the champion is & # 39; Top Chef & # 39; a journey of almost two decades searching for delicious recipes.

"To make good food, you have to give up conservative views: the chef can only be in the kitchen, I always want to freshen myself up in the kitchen, constantly looking for inspiration from new materials," Nhan shared a moment of sudden lack to ideas, wore balo and caught the first flight to Phu Quoc. .

People say that the chef's reputation is paranoid, that they win prizes, that they often think and sleep well. However, it is important to constantly verify your cooking skills by eating leftovers, not by using a few compliments. That's why the 1985-born male chef has to wake up at An Thoi fishing port from 4:00 am – the largest fishing port on the island of Ngoc to talk to local fishermen, to fill the knowledge of seafood and to get inspiration from the dish. pick up. wonderful coastal area.

Hoang Nhan said, the journey does not support the heart. In the fishing port, the chef learned the difference between striped anchovies, red rice, charcoal … by color, size and shape. Phu Quoc people still spread the ear, fried rice crispy rice to eat rice on the day of the wind. Salt rice salt gives 200 years the tastiest and most nutritious fish sauce.

Male cook 33 years old, think carefully, so how to keep the sweetest protein and fat in greasy coals. In combination with basa fish – omega-3 fresh fish that has contributed to hundreds of his menu will be like? Besides the special pepper Phu Quoc, what is the spice control and makes it the taste of fish? Consider cooking the male head enthusiastically for a long day before introducing the recipe "Song mixed with sea taste".

Champion "Top chef" goes back to the fishing port to buy the freshest freshwater fish to bake fried gold powder. This is the type of fish that pulls on the net, pulled by fishermen with a racket, removes impurities and rinses several times with seawater. Freshwater basa fish is also carefully selected on the rolls of lettuce, steamed fish. According to Hoang Nhan, if the raw material is not fresh enough, but still processed, but the herb is not good enough, it is difficult to cook good food.

"I prefer to use herbs of natural ingredients to keep the taste delicious, the most good-natured for the dish, in particular, 80% of the dishes I cook for fish sauce.Marinated fish sauce is the attractive aroma for basavis when steamed and fried charcoal is baked, fish sauce is also rich, full of flavor, beautiful color and added nutritional value for dishes With new dishes it comes down to my kitchen corner is available with Maggi sauce, extracted from 90% of Phu Quoc charcoal fish in salt with 12 months of Ba Ria salt. "

Chef Hoang Nhan also said that the fish sauce will have a nice brown cockroach, slightly aromatic characteristic, not faint and ammonia smell of broken fish. The mouth of the tongue, but immediately after the sweet long-term storage of natural fish protein.

Crispy deep-fried, coarsely crunchy fried anchovies can be tasted directly with the fish sauce. Maggi Southern harmony between salt and sweet. Male chefs, however, consciously make different, more sophisticated, when using Maggi, the taste of the north has a clear salt and aromatic aroma to make herbs. Hoang Nhan did not hide when he opened the recipe for making sauces that he had been following for years: fresh herbs, garlic and sharp, distilled with fish sauce until he was refreshing.

Steamed charcoal baked with gold dust, sprinkled on basa fish rolls steamed lettuce, among the aromatic herbs. Dishes from the familiar materials, but the chef new variety, easy to make, delicious rice, is the result after many days to explore Phu Quoc.

Chef Vo Hoang Nhan made after the trip to Phu Quoc the dish "Song mixed with sea taste"

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