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The film of Zhou Xun and Huo Jianhua closed in the grace of grace, but completely, bring peace to Asu.

(The article revealed the film content) In the evening of October 15, episode 87 of the hit series As the story goes The show received positive reactions from the audience. In the film, Queen Nhu Yen (Zhou Xun) was seriously ill, but did not take medication, went away peacefully when no one was around. It seemed that the queen had guessed the day of her earthly departure, so she wrote the letter back to her son, Vinh. Receiving this information while working, Qianlong (Shinkansen) shocked and painful. Before they left the palace, the emperor had visited the queen, but she did not speak to the king and did not mention her illness.

The departure of Just as her carving and burning paintings – at the end of Qianlong for many years until the eyes closed. Green Lantern – gift from Qianlong as a young couple, repeatedly in the last episode of the film, as implied by the love to nourish two people for each other, although they have experienced many waves and suspicions.

While Italy dies & # 39; as the story goes & # 39;

While Italy went to rest and Qianlong was dazed, news came

Many Vietnamese showed their satisfaction about the end As the story goes. The departure of As Italy left their mercy, but also very relieved because after the tragedy, Queen Nhu Y whom they loved was free, not confronted with the fight of the harem, nor more Need for injuries by women's silver and bridesmaids. The end of "evil evil false report" by the royal guard Yen Uyen (Ly Thuan) also makes the fans happy. After 10 years of being exiled to the palace, the day was poisoned by poison, Yen Yen Uyen was forced to drink toxic poison Hac Hong, died in loneliness and pain. Young Yen, Uyen once rebuked many conspirators, embrace the spirit to become a queen.

Such as Italy in a moment of grief because of the wilderness of Qianlong, silver side, tears falling under the rain "data-natural-width =" 680 "src =" https://i-ngoisao.vnecdn.net/2018/ 10 / 16 / demand-y-manga-3-4346-1539654216.jpg

Like Italy at the time of a broken heart because of the wilderness of Qianlong, silver lace, tears that fall under the rain.

In the course of time, many rumors turned around the end of the film As the story goes is distributed. Therefore, Queen As Italy because of the pain before the questionable nature of Qian Long would commit suicide, the female fertilizer closes suicide. Funeral as it happened in the cold, Hai Lan (Zhang Quan Ninh) is the only one who promises to take her. Also according to literary etiquette Don – a young concubine with the same identity as Yue – won the favors of Qianlong, the most important female Zhou Xun & # 39; reborn & # 39; in the movie.

The actual end of the film is very different. It is possible that the storyline with regard to Donnon has been removed in more than 10 episodes. As the story goes which is 101 episodes long, but the final version has 87 episodes. Initially unfavorable due to poorly dressed, unattractive make-up, As the story goes Later, the audience was attracted by the story of attractive and how to build a versatile character. Zhou Xun's exhilarations of emotion, calm and emotional transmission are mainly the eyes that form the brightest point of the film. Farewell to the long film wrote the daffodil on his personal page: "I do not think it was tragic, she was fine, she had a nice ending."

When Italian hair is full

Like Italian hair scene, the emotional approval with Qianlong

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