& # 39; Super Son of Asia & # 39; wins big at North American cash register – film screenings

On a rare occasion at the North American cash register, a feature film starring stars like "Crazy Rich Asians" took the lead.

Trailer of the film & # 39; The super rich son of Asia & # 39; "Crazy Rich Asians" was adapted by Jon M. Chu of the literary work of the same name, centered on super-rich Chinese families.

After winning the world's largest film market last weekend, Crazy Rich Asians has passed Black Panther (2018), once again proving that Hollywood needs cultural diversity.

The box office of director John M. Chu, who was present in 3,384 American theaters, raised $ 25.2 million after three weekend days ($ 34 million from the opening of August 15). This is a good start for the Warner Bros. publisher. The amount of money spent on the project is only $ 30 million.

Crazy Rich Asians as well as the highest buzzing romantic comedy in the last three years in North America, since its inception. Trainwreck (2015) with $ 30.1 million.

& # 39; Son of a girl & # 39; in the room with his wife 1
Brilliant is the word used to describe and win Crazy Rich Asians on weekends. photo: Warner Bros.

The film received strong support from the mass audience. According to the survey after the projection of Cinema score, Crazy Rich Asians Get score A. According to the data, 41% of the audience is white, 38% Asian and 11% Latino. Beautiful women make up 68% of the tickets, while 64% of the audience is older than 25.

Critics are also very happy with the composition of the page Rotten tomatoes92% of the reviews from the press are positive.

Crazy Rich Asians is the story of a girl followed his friend to his best friend wedding in Singapore. She soon realized that her beloved family was one of the richest in Asia.

Actors include Henry Golding, Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh, Awkwafina, Ken Jeong, Gemma Chan and Jimmy O. Yang, who opened in Vietnam from 24 August.

Son of a son of A & # 39; ladies in the room with his wife 2
Warner Bros. It is possible to think of the milestone of $ 500 million The Meg. photo: Warner Bros.

For Warner Bros. the result of last weekend's sales was a double victory when The Meg keep firmly on the cash register after the debut week full of success. Jason Statham's action thriller hit $ 21.2 million, down from domestic sales to $ 83.8 million after a 10-day run.

In international markets, the super shark block remains at the top of the list with an additional $ 67 million, bringing total revenues outside of North America to $ 230.4 million and global gross revenues to $ 314.2 million. US $ 117.2 million came from China.

Time of release The Meg is still relatively long, and observers say the possibility of reaching $ 500 million is not unlikely.

from Crazy Rich Asiansand two more films in theaters in North America during the weekend, but no positive results.

& # 39; The super rich Asian decent & # 39; big winner at the North American box office Image 3
Mile 22 was underestimated by the international press after the launch. photo: STX.

mile 22, action thriller marks the fourth collaboration between director Peter Berg and actor Mark Wahlberg, who earned $ 13.6 million from 3,520 theaters. In the film, Wahlberg plays a special agent from the CIA, who accompanies an important figure by terrorists.

For STX Entertainment, $ 13.6 million was not a bad start for the $ 35 million project. Number, feedback about Mile 22 Both the audience and the critics have suggested that the film will not last long.

Film only receives B-word Cinema score, low level for the action line – sensational. The press is even more difficult if only 20% of the assessments are positive Rotten tomatoes. In Vietnam, the film is about to be open 24/8.

8 stars Han has the opportunity to take part in the Hollywood blockbuster

Not many Korean stars have the chance to try out big projects in Hollywood. And the opportunities for them are usually limited to supporting roles.

The worst is the opening result Alpha an adventure film in the prehistoric world of Sony and Studio 8. They spent an estimated $ 51 million to produce the film, but the domestic opening of the work was limited to the $ 10.5 million mark.

A little hope for the adventure between humans and wolves is a work that is very popular among critics as well as the public. Research of Cinema score Grade B +, also on Rotten tomatoes the film scored 82%.

In Vietnam, Alpha New started from 17/8.

Trailer for the movie & # 39; Alpha: The Leader & # 39; The film is about survival with the ice age context some 20,000 years ago.

Top 10 films in North America from 17/8 to 19/8:
(in brackets is the rank of last week)

1 (new). Crazy Rich Asians: $ 25.2 million
2 (1). The Meg$ 21.2 million
3 (new). Mile 22$ 13.6 million
4 (new). Alpha$ 10.5 million
5 (2). Mision: Impossible – Fallout$ 10.5 million
6 (3). Christopher Robin: 8.9 million
7 (5). BlacKk Klansman: $ 7 million
8 (4). Slim man: $ 4.97 million
9 (9). Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer holidays: $ 3.7 million
10 (7). Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: $ 3.4 million

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