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Six days before the "Descendant of the Sun" Vietnam is broadcast, the producer officially launches the theme song for the film titled "I & # 39; ll always be with you".

Descend the sun The Vietnamese version is a film that gets a lot of attention and public expectations. All details regarding the filming are the attention of the film audience.

Six days earlier Descend the sun The Gulf of Vietnam, the producer officially released the theme song MV I will always be with you with many romantic scenes between the two main characters Hoai Phuong (Khanh Ngan closed) and Duy Kien (Song Luan).

& # 39; Hau due mat troi & # 39; Viet
Descend the sun Vietnam unveiled the theme song with many romantic scenes between the two main characters Hoai Phuong and Duy Kien.

The song is composed by musician Nguyen Hoang Anh and is sung by singer Nguyen Ha. I will always be with you Pop / Ballad genre is quite popular in Vietnam.

The content of the song is about the romantic love story, but also about obstacles of youth. The images of the video clip were made in Phu Yen, a land of beautiful landscapes that appeared in the film I see yellow flowers on green grass.

Mostly You are my brother his landscape depicting the majestic landscape of nature in Vietnam. These beautiful scenes are also associated with the love of the two main characters.

In addition, the scenes show the romance of Hoai Phuong and Duy Kien also make the audience move. It is said that the performance of the actor Kha Ngan – Song Luan in the MV better than expected.

& # 39; Hau due mat troi & # 39; Viet
MV You are my brother It also thrills the audience for the romantic scenes of the love of Huai Phuong and Duy Kien.

Descend the sun Vietnam is much larger than the TV series in Vietnam. The production staff chose to include both the broadcast and television projects in Korea. This is the attempt to keep pace with the trend of television production and modern technology of the TV industry in Vietnam.

Descend the sun Vietnam is an inspiring film about the patriotism of young people. They live, love and work hard for their ideal of pursuit. The film will be broadcast on 22 September with the participation of young cast members, Luan Can, Huu Vi and Cao Thai Ha.

& # 39; The sun descendants & # 39; Viet used the only car for mountain shots

After attracting the public with many interesting details in the first teaser, the Vietnamese version of the Vietnamese version of the producer "behind the scenes" remains monumental and dangerous.

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