After deliberately stumbling to be noticed on the catwalk, Thanh Hang spoke

Supermodel reacts directly to the idea that it deliberately falls to create drama, attention.

Appear next to supermodel Vo Hoang Yen and Minh Hang at the press conference The Face 2018 has taken place, Thanh Hang attracted attention by his fashion personality and trust status.

However, when running the catwalk with the other two coaches, Thanh Hang ran into trouble and stumbled down the stairs. Although later, the supermodel had a professional way to take off shoes and cat them with bare legs, but she was stoned by many people who deliberately stumbled to create and capture dramas.

With these ideas, Thanh Hang does not hesitate to respond. "If people think Thanh Hang is so frightening, I'll take it, if that scares or frightens people to call Thanh Hang," Thanh Hang shares.

Thanh Hang took off his shoes, full of confidence on the catwalk after the incident.

Supermodel also said that the incident was unpredictable things, like every day that running away does not know what will happen.

"The first step, I have the feeling of catwalk is not flat, the sides are very normal, but the middle position is created by pushing two pieces of wood against each other, so it's a bit rough. the catwalk.

Personally, I find the most special place to welcome the challenges of the center. The way you handle your brain speaks to your people, "Thanh Hang frank.

Moreover, the supermodel also said that if the participants rely on her incident that the lack of professional behavior of female coaches is too fast and she did not want to choose those people in her team.

The trio of coaches Vo Hoang Yen – Thanh Hang and Minh Hang have attracted a lot of attention on catwalk.

The last time Thanh Hang appeared in The Face 2018, a coach attracted a lot of public attention. Because the name was hidden until the last moment, the supermodel appeared at the first casting of the show that surprised and excited many people. So many people look forward to seeing her performance with this new role.

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