"Back to prosperity" with two participants The debut

Huong Melaleuca returned to the chair in episode 12.

In episode 12 of the show The debut – Project # 1, And Huong Melaleuca has returned and "hurt more than the old" when the two candidates are very potential, is considered the strongest in this competition.

Volume 12 – Round Field trip 3 will be the fight of the Top 6 The Debut. Team Duc Phuc still retains 2 members Quoc Dat and Quoc Anh; Hoang Thuy Linh only the Vuong, Ngoc Vi and Huong Melaleuca with the appearance of Hoang Phuong and Tung Duong.

Trailer Volume 12 The Debut – Project number 1.

Huong Melaleuca said: "Tung Duong agrees with fans, family and Melaleuca to return to The Debut season 1.

Meanwhile, participant Tung Yang shared, he had wanted to deny the opportunity to return to the competition, but he thought back to what would be. "I came The debut To be experienced and experienced. Each episode is also on the stage that I have also performed, "- said Tung Duong.

And ladies hope that their two participants will come up with the story and leave the impression in this round.

Huong Melaleuca with the two most powerful participants The debut - photo 2.

Hoang Thuy Linh and his two participants.

Huong Melaleuca with the two most powerful participants The debut - photo 3.

Team Duc Phuc including Quoc Dat and Quoc Anh.

In the round Field trip 3 Participants will experience "One Singer's Day" with a schedule available from 6:30 am to 2:00 pm, starting with the welcome of unannounced visits by host Gil Le of 4:00 am Candidates are assigned to to participate in the daily activities of a celebrity, such as shooting, casting, volunteering, and at the end of the day this is the third day of the school competition.

The last night of the competition was about the theme Family. In contrast to the previous two rounds, the participants will sing a song in this round with the theme of family affection. In addition, participants welcome the special presence of the parents invited by the show.

The results of the presentation are still determined by the Project Professional Association No. 1, consisting of 15 journalists, music producers, singers and media professionals. Teams that score the highest two points will win and lose the right to remove two participants in the team. Two participants will be eliminated, depending on the results of the highest victory, will be determined by the organizers belong to the same team or different teams.

It is therefore very possible to end the competition, there will be a "lost" candidate, as well as loss of coaching in the semi-finals and the final.


See the 12th episode The debut – Project # 1 broadcast today at 9pm (24/8) on VTV3 channel!

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