Beautiful stewardesses for sale virginity because … & # 39; fear charge & # 39;

She is pretty nervous when I think of finally having sex with her for the first time. "It's just a gamble – you have to know when to stop," says VNSpress, referring to sources from Nzherald.

The flight attendant with the name Mandy took the page Cinderella Escorts from Germany to sell virginity online. Mandy said she planned to use the money to support her work and help her family and give a little bit to the charity.

"Every woman loses virginity only once, and if she keeps it for a long time, it's worth it," she said. Mandy said she will meet the buyer to complete the transaction in September.

Mandy said she still hopes to meet the man in the dream later.

"If he really loves me, they will no longer accept me as a virgin," she said.

36-year-old lady auctions her virginity for ₦ 103 million: Mandy, from Germany, who works as a stewardess, has called in the help of Cinderella Escorts to sell her body online after she visited the website in the newspaper, was bought by an anonymous businessman in Munich: the aspiring singer, who said she realized that the & # 39; right man & # 39; what she had been waiting for would never come along, FEMAIL told me that he refrained from having sex: "It's like the casino – you have to know when to stop:" And Mandy, who said that she want to use the proceeds from the auction to stimulate her career. and helping her family – leaving something to the charity – said she thought her age was driving her virginity: "Every woman can only lose her virginity once," Mandy said, who will meet the bidder to complete the transaction. month: & # 39; But if you are not sure what to say, I would highly recommend this hotel. I focused on my career. I just did not even do it. & # 39 ;: The stewardess says that after the sale she still hopes to meet her dream man: & # 39; I have not given up hope to meet the right man ever, "she said. if he loves me, he will accept me without me being a virgin. & # 39;

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to follow NZHerald, The second highest bidder for Mandy is a lawyer, with 240,000 euros, while the third is a footballer for 200,000 euros.

Mandy said she was nervous when she thought about her first love.

"It's just a gamble – you have to know when to stop, year after year, and I tell myself that I have to wait until I meet the middle man, I think I'm doing well," she said.

Asked about what her parents thought of her daughter's decision, Mandy said:

"If my parents did not know that I was an adult woman at the age of 36 and respected my decision, it was disappointing."

The founder of the website of Cinderella Escorts, Jan Zakobielski, gets 20% of Mandy & # 39; s "contract".

Mandy says that losing virginity is a relief for her.

"At some point, virginity makes me feel like a burden, and everyone talks about it." Social pressure to remain a virgin at the age of ten is unusual, but I do not allow anyone to tell me. or not having to deal with your body, "she said.

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