Bitter man caught his wife in the coach home with bodybuilding

Friday 18-08-2013 07:26 (GMT + 7)

The man has watched his wife, caught and shot, is having sex with six young men in the hotel in the city. Ho Chi Minh has created the network community pool.

On the 22nd, a number of recorded clips appeared on the social network that the husband caught on his wife affair with affair where young boys were born in the room in Ho Chi Minh City. According to the image of the clip, after having caught his wife and young man in the hostel, his husband, instead of being surprised about the verbal violence, is still very calm.

Bitter man caught his wife in the coach home with a bodybuilder - 1

"Couple of lovers" was her husband caught in the room. Image: Giao Thông.

He took the phone, just talk politely with his wife's "lover": "Naked mice eat sticky, catch is normal … His wife, his parents and his wife handed over his hand when his wife died in bed, he must be responsible to his parents, I just have to rub my hands, do not know anything, go out the door is ready … Sparrelessly acting … ".

The other man, however, expressed his attitude completely faultlessly and said, "I know what you shot, but it is a love story …". The husband immediately replied: "What is love, this man has a wife, a husband …" and the man is the third.

What is annoying about the clip is that the couple is not ashamed, even though it is wrong and caught. She even laughed at her husband and hugged the young man.

The man catches his wife at home with the bodybuilding of the coach - 2

Arrested her wife who still had a love affair. Clip of clip.

It is known that his wife was called C.T.Q.T (Soc Trang, owner of the cosplay store in Ho Chi Minh City). The six month old adulterous affair with his wife is H.T.P (Tay Ninh, a model for student body 2018). H.T.P is currently coaching a fitness club and his wife is a trainee there.

Although it is not yet known how the following will be resolved, most of them, however, expressly outraged, indignant about the action, the attitude of his wife and "young lover & # 39 ;. At the same time he expressed respect for the quiet and polite behavior of his husband after he had found his wife's business.

In the wrong room-pension, young carefree

The situation "sleeps wrong", ironically, listening to everyone "soul" because they can not believe it is true.

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