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After "Wonder Woman" and "Black Panther", "Crazy Rich Asians" continues the trend of non-male dominated films, whites can still win big.

Trailer for & # 39; Crazy Rich Asians & # 39; Hollywood-themed romantic comedy with Asian cast of the life of the Singapore empire. Clip: Warner Bros.

Hard to know the name Crazy Rich Asians The film has excited the media in the last two weeks and reached the North American box office with $ 34 million in the first week of release. In Hollywood, and with the comical genre, it was a resounding victory.

Talk about super rich Asian with investing in context and costumes Crazy Rich Asians only $ 30 million, making the film very profitable.

Wake up in Hollywood, but hard to shape the trend

Per page Fast business, the film left many awakening lessons for Hollywood studios. Anyway, Crazy Rich Asians was definitely a hit. First, it costs $ 30 million, only a sixth of the size of a regular Marvel superhero movie. Second, a completely Asian cast and not a box office star (for American audiences).

In the era when the Oscars were criticized for being too biased in white, especially white men, to make a movie like Crazy Rich Asians more than a guess.

The film is another proof that films without white males can win big, in line with that Wonder Woman, Black Panther and Go away. But can film make a trend?

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Scenes in the film Crazy Rich Asians. photo: Warner Bros.

The filmmakers' response on August 19 showed that the success of the film could be "a wake-up for Hollywood filmmakers, who are always conservative," says a producer. Hopefully it will make people more open to making films from the usual limits.

This person pointed out that Crazy Rich Asians is more than a phenomenon because it is not an independent film of $ 5 million that exceeds the barriers to reaching the masses. On the other hand, this is a very popular Warner Bros film. Spending money for marketing and promotion is shown in more than 3,000 theaters.

This, plus the title earning and "eating money" from the movie, along with really good quality (93% Rotten tomatoes), make a cash register.

But these different elements emphasize "We will wait and see". "I think it is very narrow, it will be very difficult" is the opinion of many in the profession.

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Crazy Rich Asians
Win at the checkout and be appreciated for quality, not like The great wall. photo: Warner Bros. ..

According to predictions, Crazy Rich Asians will achieve the best sales in US coastal cities with populations of Asians. There are data that show that in the early days of the premiere there are film theaters throughout Asia. General statistics show that 40% of the audience is Asian.

Another example is the failed film The great wall there are Matt Damon and Drake in charge, so it is not easy to open the door to many films with Asian cast. But the problem of The great wall Poor quality, with 35% above that Rotten tomatoes.

Hollywood has never been more agile in updating reality than its golden gateway. Asians live in the USA for a long time and reproduce to the second and third generation, but their existence in the American community is not really recognized on the screen.

Asians in America are a force

But it is undeniable that the need to see Asian stories on the Hollywood screen is real. In recent weeks, a group of successful and high-performing Asian Americans has joined the campaign with the #OpenGold hashtag to support the film.

They come from areas such as technology, entertainment and sports, including Janet Yang (director Joy Luck Club), Kpop star Eric Nam, co-founder of Twitch – Eric Lin, the former technology manager and CEO of YouTube – Bing Chen. Not only do they support social networks, they also organize dinners with movie stars and cinemas to make special screenings for films during and before the launch.

"We are a force that can help open up opportunities for films and make films accessible to disadvantaged target groups," Yang said. Warner Bros .. Invite this influential figure to discuss the marketing of the film.

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Joy Luck Club, a film about Chinese-American parents, in 1993. Photo: Hollywood photo & # 39; s.

When Yang do Joy Luck Club (1993), a film about young Asian American women and their mother, does not have such idiosyncratic support. "At that time, Asia was not even present on the demographic map and nobody thought we were a power," said the director.

Not only does social networking support the film, but Netflix, a growing power for filmmaking, wants to buy distribution rights on its systems. This is beneficial for both parties, because Netflix also wants to increase the quality of Asian content on its channel. However, this deal is not successful because the producers still want the film.

Joy Luck Club Janet Yang only in Hollywood, just because there was no other project after this film to tell stories about Asians. Especially films with lots of fun and spoiled elements such as Crazy Rich Asians, According to Masashi Niwano, festival director and exhibition director of the American Media Center.

Just to make a real change in Hollywood Crazy Rich Asians Now it is difficult to do. The Asian-American community is hoping for a new film Search, about a father (played by actor John Cho) has lost her teenage daughter. They hope that this film will be the word of the fever Crazy Rich Asians.

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, with the most attention in the American newspaper Crazy Rich Asians, also in Ocean 8 with Hollywood stars. photo: Warner Bros. ..

Meanwhile, a dozen other films with Asian themes & # 39; s and TV dramas have been announced or are out. Of which there pachinko, the popular TV series, the Comedy Central television show with Awkwafina, rapper and actress Crazy Rich Asians.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention that the films have reached like Eve kill with the impressive role of actress Sandra Oh, or TV show Fresh from the boat. It is clear that Asian films are a potentially profitable subject, but the problem is that Hollywood studios value the opportunity.

The & # 39; super rich son of Asia & # 39; won at the North American cash register

On a rare occasion at the North American cash register, a feature film starring stars like "Crazy Rich Asians" took the lead.

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