Chef Vo Hoang Nhan and travel to Phu Quoc to find cooking inspiration

The name of chef Vo Hoang Nhan was known chef champion "Top chef Vietnam 2014". From the small plate I like to cook, especially when my mother compliments me for cooking. After cooking for a mother's friend, Nhan said that cooking is not only good but also an art.

That is why Nhu decided to pursue his passion when he switched to the study chefs at the high school tourist hotel Saigontourist. Start from here the journey of a talented chef to get inspiration for new dishes.

Most recently, in the trip to Phu Quoc, chef Vo Hoang Nhan was fishing villages in An Thoi for special inspiration with specialties here. With this completely natural and nutritious source of ingredients, the chef is eager to launch a new dish, thus enriching his food treasure.

"There must be a special food source, a special dish and a special place to eat, so I selected the dish" perfect sea bass "with the main source of charcoal fried fish in combination with basa fish, mixed with garlic and onion ginger lemongrass, especially Maggi sauce ".

Chef Nhan also said that raw materials are not fresh and delicious, there are still ways to process it, but the herb is not good enough, it is difficult to cook good food. 80% of the dishes are prepared with fish sauce, which makes the special dishes more attractive. And his priority is the herbs of natural ingredients to keep the taste delicious, the most benign for the dish.

"Always refresh myself in the kitchen, I am constantly looking for inspiration from new ingredients, it is great to find Phu Quoc charcoal and the fish sauce is taken out of this fish, making the new dish more special," he said.

More about the secret to choosing the fish sauce, the chef said that first the natural flavor of fish, when he tasted the natural taste of the tongue, will feel the sweet taste of the egg white. very natural fish.

"The nutritious values ​​of charcoal fish are condensed in maggi sauce, this will be my special companion when cooking," he said.

Maggi fish sauce is made from natural ingredients and contains 90% Phu Quoc charcoal pellets in combination with Ba Ria salt, completely free of preservatives and good and healthy family meals.


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