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The latest photo shoot Chi Pu sexy moment with the smoking piercing body causes a stir in the network community.

The latest images of Chi Pu are widely distributed on social networks and attract many opinions from public opinion. Only two hours after placement on a personal profile, Chi Pu was reportedly not wearing lingerie, but he wore a thin skirt that yielded hundreds of thousands of comments with sufficient response. surprise there, praise yes and more are the criticism,

Chi Pu homosexual scandal as mac do xuyen bau, I try to cover him 1
The image stimulates the reaction of social networks Chi Pu of the public.

The new image of the former hot girl with daring penetration is considered offensive, even the somewhat lolita style that boycott Sulli by Korean people. Lolita only cute girls, beautiful but sexy gestures. On the social network, some messages have compared Chi Pu with ex-f (x) members, even her "Sulli Vietnamese version" for the new photo's.

"This is Chi Pu's way to keep fire memorable," "Chi Pu is becoming more and more sexy, but do not give up", "When all is gone, the sympathy of Chi Pu withers again." "Chi-days are still nowhere" … Chi Pu boasted physique, led to controversy.

Choice of costumes and bold styling also makes vocals From today Encourage sensitive comments about body parts.

Chi Pu is gay when he is a teenager, I am a teenager 2
Chi Pu fat in penetrating dress.

This is not the first time, Chi Pu has touted social networks with daring images. In May she made a series of photos with two white strings and a skirt wrapped in a sexy waist. That time the former hot girl born in 1993 refused to comment on the controversy surrounding the series.

Can see, after determination to pursue a singing career, Chi Pu gradually changed into sexy style. In the MV & # 39; s and in the theater performances she often chose to wear deep, daring costumes that are different from the cute new debut. Besides gossip about fashion, she also posted a lot of videos with sexy dance, to confirm her direction in the future.

Many viewers, however, rated her as feminine, gentler than rebellious as the present.

Chi Pu becoming sexy, fat

Since pursuing a career as a singer, Chi Pu has developed into a seductive, mature style.

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