Episode this afternoon, artist Le Binh placed clip message to everyone entertainment

Video: Le Binh artist thanks everyone before he leaves the hospital

More specifically, the artist Le Binh wrote: "Thank you and information Le Binh alone at the hospital today, this afternoon to go home, wait 20 days after further medical treatment.Please stop in the hospital tomorrow to spend time.

Thus the actor "Southern Country" was to thank the people for his love the most cherished. "I thank my family, my colleagues, the public far away, know the face or do not know the face … have been transferred to Le Binh gifts favor, Le Binh has conditions to overcome this difficulty, it is the heart that Le Binh will never forget.

Earlier, after information artist Le Binh in the hospital for lung cancer spread across social networks that many viewers, the military has offered to help, but artists are wondering to receive. Encouraged by the family of convincing friends, fans, artist Le Binh then got the love of everyone.

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