Every move of "old beloved group" Changjiang is always interested

After a few days, on August 20, Nha Phuong and Nha Phuong officially confirmed the wedding ceremony in September. This information quickly got the answer from netizens.

All the actions of the old group of people love Changjiang is always interested people - Picture 1.

Many wishes were sent to Nha Phuong and Truong Giang. Besides, the fans also paid special attention to Changjiang's "old lover" – who are equally important in the humorous affair of male comedians.

While Nam Em sent Congratulations to Nha Phuong Wedding – Truong Giang and shared the fact that the two people married her, the concern is that Que Van is not very keen on spirit.

All the actions of the old group of people love Changjiang always interested people - Photo 2.

On his personal page Que Van liked to share his travels in the US. Recently, however, she suddenly shared the philosophy of love between these & # 39; sensitive & # 39; phase. Beautiful people write: "The nature of love is holiness and peace, where the soul, the spirit, the conscience and the body have peace."

It seems that this is the love dream of Que Van, as well as the desire for his love story. Besides, many people also think that this is her message to old love.

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