Fan Bingbing flew to Los Angeles as procedures for refugee stars

The last ban on Fan Bingbing after three months of scandal over tax scandal shocked the fans.

In recent months, Chinese media have continuously posted the latest information about Bingbing's tax evasion. It is known that the detained suspect was detained because he had hidden 98 million yuan in taxes (about 343 billion). Recently it was reported that Fan Bingbing had flown to the United States and appeared at the Los Angeles immigration office to check the asylum procedure. Immediately after this information was published, the entire entertainment was shocked.

The state of Los Angeles - Los Angeles

Informed Fan Bingbing fled to Los Angeles.

The state of Los Angeles flies to Los Angeles

Taiwanese media have posted the information.

Although this news has not been officially recognized by the fan, but is confused. In addition, Hoang Nghi Thanh – the husband of mr. Huynh Dich continued to share another fever when it was claimed that Fan Bingbing was arrested.

The state of Los Angeles - Los Angeles

Thanh Nghi shared information about the Bingbing case.

The state of Los Angeles is located in Los Angeles

According to Hoang Nghi Thanh, the story of Bingbing is real.

According to Huang Yichang, a friend of his, who had a wife at Wuxi's attorney, told him that Fan Bingbing had actually been arrested by the police. Know that Ly girlfriend "touched" a tax not newly built by the tax authorities.

"I heard something say, a word is not true My wife is an official, I do not think rumors can be made up.", Thanh Nghi shared.

The state of Los Angeles flies to Los Angeles

Li Shen and Fan Bingbing are really apart.

Up to now, Fan Bingbing has completely disappeared while Ly is still filming. Reportedly, Fan Bingbing and Li Shen have disbanded due to this tax evasion scandal. But insiders have no share in this matter.

Abnormal action by the good friend worry fans worried about the real divorce Fan Bingbing

Previously, the image of Ly does not wear wedding rings that also cause netizens suspected.

According to Sam Sam / Sina (Discovery)

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