H & # 39; They show off confidently with the charming roundness of the opposite person

Recently, in an event in Ho Chi Minh City, Miss H & # 39; Hen Nie appeared with a high cut hairstyle and elegant cocktail dress. No need for dresses to cut the hard hand, or the fragile design, this time that Miss chooses her to choose for her soft design is discreet. But not that way she lost her sexy, hot feelings. The hug wings are designed to effectively curb the body curve.

The body of a toned body, slim body without fat, plus the characteristic brown skin, haircut personality, H & # 39; Hen Nie is the most special showbiz in Vietnam today. . And it seems that enough is enough to stand up for her so whatever style of dress Miss ball is enough to keep fans of heart. During this event she chose the well-known make-up of her lips.

White was so much her face that she could not count, fans only knew it was a "brand" dress. Miss Ede since Miss Congeniality. With this appearance H & # 39; Hen Nie easily conquers the most difficult evaluation. H & # 39; Hen Nien was crowned winner of the Miss Vietnam Universe in 2017.

After winning the title of Miss Universe Vietnam in 2017, H & # 39; Hen Niê Training power and continuous image change to change many different styles. She is a desperate beauty that runs out of the safe and adventurous zone in all her styles. The phenomenon is so different, but Miss H & # 39; Hen Nie always puts a prominent role in the shirt, and cuddles the body to show off the big physique.

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