Hoài Linh cleans the church manually before the death: a world

Before the anniversary of the stage industry this year, the comedy of Hoai Linh personally cleaned the church and manually spit every grass on the grass.

Every year around the middle of the 8th lunar year, artists working in the field of art are focused on spiritual entrepreneurship, the most popular being the death anniversary. Especially in the south, the theatrical anniversary of death usually takes place at 12.8 lunar months.

Since the year 2016, after the comedy Hoai Linh complete temple in district 9, Ho Chi Minh City, this place has become an appointment for artists to the company.

The smile of the comedy Hoai Linh on the occasion of the inauguration of the church in 2016

This year the comedy Hoai Linh will also represent the artists in the south on the 12.8 lunar month to preside over the death day. This is also the third anniversary of the celebration of the death festival in the Spirit Vietnam temple.

Temple of theatrical branch is a huge work of many items, the center is the place where worshiping the god of theatrical career is also the place for artists to worship the organization. According to the artist Hoai Linh announced, the money to build this church to 100 billion with his pocket money. In his career, artist Hoai Linh, the completion of the church is one of the greatest wishes he has cherished for many years.

On the threshold of the biggest holiday of the year, Hoai Linh and some nearby artists and students have personally cleaned every yard of grass.

Hoài Linh dressed easily, self-care pots in the cemetery

For Hoai Linh it is very easy to spend money to hire people to clean, but doing it manually around the church is still the work he chooses to pay homage to the team.

Hoai Linh manually pulls the grass on the grass

Hoài Linh is not only a talented artist, a famous comic, but he is also respectfully simple, both the audience and colleagues, someone who is almost virtuous. Hoài Linh lives with his colleagues, close to the public, full of careers, discussing with the family. He is always grateful and grateful for what the organization has done for itself. Therefore, the desire to build a temple to remember the gratitude of the pastors is his lifelong wish.

Hoai Linh spray water to clean the garden and welcome guests to the birthday of the coming days

Nam Tum actor also took part in the clean-up action

The students of Hoai Linh have lunch in the church

Courtyard of the church after cleaning

The anniversary of the jubilee in 2017, Hoai Linh also made everything by hand

Hoai Linh will clean the background of the anniversary of the anniversary of the death

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