Hoang Anh was deceived by Le Phuong because of a divorce

– Not being able to endure the humiliation of the public (Hoang Anh) for Huong (Le Phuong), director Wall (Thanh Thuc) decided to teach the audience a lesson.

The episode "sticky rice sticky rice" 46

Although Huong has been released, he is still trying to find his wife to divorce his wife. Unfortunately, Huong announced that he would not divorce her, so she could not be free.

When he heard the public defamation of Huong, the director of the Wall was furious and decided to jump out.

After a violent dispute, the Wall Huong went along and continued to faint to be hospitalized. Huong was informed by Wall Street doctors who had a road accident in the United States five years ago, which would weaken the strong excitement.

Sticky rice sticky rice & # 39; set 46: Hoang Anh blew through crowds in Le Phuong
The relationship between Cong, Huong and Tuong is more complex.

Murong, who knows Wall's disease, expressed his concern and went to the hospital to look after him. Their affection began to make good progress.

Being oppressed by a man is not enough, back to Huong remains mother-in-law. In order not to be oppressed forever, Huong asked her mother-in-law to do housework for two boys because she was busy.

In the meantime, Nhan (Tuan Pham) decided to listen to his father's eyes to quickly forget Minh (Phuong Hang). The two continue to meet on the road, although Minh crying sobs calls Human in the rain, but he decided to step over the girlfriend as two strangers.

Kiet (Trung Dung) continued to work, only care and care that father would be tired. When he saw his brother, his younger sister decided to take a break. Kiet also surprised when Hong said that Phuc's (former girlfriend of Kiet) was divorced from her husband, astonished long ago.

Kiet met Han (do Thuy) when he came home to talk about his wife and go home at night. When they saw the daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mai (People & # 39; s Artist Hong Han) and Han remained ironic when Kiet did not have enough money to support his wife, but also showed suspicion.

After thinking about it in all sorts of ways, Cong went home to give her mother and sister a full meal, and she donated a large sum of money to ask two people to force H deng to sign the divorce.

Listen to the sweet words of Cong, the mother said quickly. When we saw Huong Tuong walking through the streets, his mother and sister walked to Huong to blame her.

The next event will be resolved in episode 47 Sticky rice sticky rice will be broadcast on 21/8 at 9pm on HTV2.

Tung Nguyen

Sticky rice sticky rice & # 39; set 45: Betrayed husband, falls into the hands of old love "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Sticky rice sticky rice & # 39; set 45: Betrayed husband, Thuý Bank fell into the old hands

Finally, the nature of Han's money was also revealed when she decided to betray her husband for the old love.

In conclusion of the movie "Sticky rice sticky rice & # 39 ;," the audience discusses & # 39; width = "145" height = "101

When the film & # 39; sticky rice sticky rice & # 39; concluded, the audience was fiercely debated

Many people are quite annoyed when Huong accepts forgiveness for the chubby man after the last excerpt from Sticky rice glutinous rice & # 39; the film has ended.

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