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After a period of silence about the rumors, the actress "That day I fell in love" officially confirmed that she is about to marry Changjiang. Nha Phu Wedding and Truong Giang sis held in September.

After 3 years of debilitating dating, Truong Giang and Nha Phuong rated as the most dramatic "drama" show in Italy. They make a big comeback of their first public appearance at the launch of "49 Days" from 2015. The couple regularly appears in many important events of the Vietnamese entertainment industry.

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The publicity relationship "49 days" from 2015.

the idea Nha Phuong and Truong Giang love story will come to an end soon. On the right of Valentine's Day in 2016, the entire network community rumors that rumors Truong Giang & # 39; love triangle & # 39; entangled in Que Van-beauty. It can be said that this is the biggest shock for Nha Phuong since she loved Changjiang. But in the middle of the scandal of friends, Nha Phuong chose to remain silent and compare Truong Giang with many events that broke rumors.

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Instead of responding negatively, Nha Phuong Changjiang forgave quietly.

At the same time Changjiang also placed his loved one in the family. The two people often double the card, seem emotional. Scandal with Que Van also gradually decreased there.

But, noisy old love, not long, Changjiang rumor rumored with hot girl Sam. Both have intimate gestures when they join the film project. Before this rumor insiders denied and chose Nha Phuong for silence.

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Nha Phuong forgives Chang Jiang many times.

On January 18, Truong Giang caused a stir when Nha Phuong was presented for the live broadcast at the Mai Vang Awards. The action of the "Ten difficult" friend "stuck" in front of the lens, she was so difficult to smile, not to hand out the ring proposal. Shortly afterwards, the social network repeatedly distributed the "49 days" dispute in the apartment.

Nha Phuong once again proved his tolerance in following Changjiang during his American tour. Rumors about the best couple that Vbiz broke apart have disappeared since then.

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Nha Phuong walked slightly together with Changjiang.

You do not stop there, in March last, the showbiz wave for the clip Nam Em that shares the pain of breaking a new boyfriend. It is worth mentioning here, the protagonist is Truong Giang. For the exaggerated reaction, there is "crazy" Nam Nam, Nha Phuong only chooses silence. She refuses all emotional interviews and simply concentrates on completing her work. Instead of mumbling, Nha Phuong always appears radiant in public.

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Nha Phuong often appears with a youthful, radiant image.

The silence of Phuong House makes Changjiang even more cherished. Nam-comedy feels pain and does not expect to be forgiven. He said: "Nha Phuong too good, too friendly, too gentle, too good." "Those who make Saddlery sad, including myself, I never forgive myself."

Perhaps the generosity, the cautious behavior, was not blindly jealous of Nha Phuong, undoubtedly the famous male comedy flower.

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The couple is ready to accept the beautiful end.

After the wind, challenge, Nha Phuong – Truong Giang couple will soon be married couple. The actress "I fell in love that day" shared the reason why I did not want to release the wedding information for fear that I would not say "before the step".

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