Huynh Anh stiffened his face when the anti-fan criticized his girlfriend, but the spelling mistake erased both emotions.

Actor Huynh Anh seems to have changed a lot since he broke up with ex-girlfriend Hoang Oanh. Enter the scandal of unprofessional work and then still get a lot of criticism after the new girlfriend by not long Hoang Oanh split up. The image of a young guy who is slowly becoming a "bad boy".

It seems that a lot of consecutive criticism has made Huynh Anh quick and easy. He did not hesitate to give a hard side to the anti-fan to protect his girlfriend: "The one who loves me is the one who stops you from looking." Before you criticize others, look back at yourself before you go and mirror yourself before criticizing others! "

Be honest. No respect what you – I always with antifan.

Huynh Anh was very upset when the anti-fan criticized his girlfriend, but the spelling mistake tore both emotions away - Picture 1.

However, reading the post filled with smell of gunpowder, the tension of Huynh Anh sent to the antifan suddenly has to "stop" a joke. Huynh Anh also hastened to face in frustration the face that was misspelled there.

"The one who loves me more is to keep you from looking!"

Being tense, breaking a string, sending a glass of water, leaves a whole heaven of emotions behind. Huynh Anh & # 39; s message to the antifan is extremely hard abruptly delicious to die … It turns out that if someone belittled, lover Huynh Anh will block a "he", the Huynh Anh will not block where.

Angry too few mistakes, Huynh Anh still has the anti-banana warning attitude! Stop talking about your new girlfriend! Do not let me block you!

After the new disclosure it seems that the new friend of Huynh Anh has been under a lot of pressure.

Huynh Anh and the expressive nuances for the antifan when he dares his new girlfriend.

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