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In the eyes of colleagues, artist Le Binh lived wholeheartedly for the sake of art, forgiving colleagues and junior help.

On 23/3, actor Diep Bao Ngoc unexpectedly shares information with artist Le Binh about lung cancer. The earliest survivor of the rice cultivator was not aware of his illness. He is currently in hospital at 175, Ho Chi Minh City with faculty with actor Mai Phuong. Le Binh was chemically treated 4 times after 4 months of cancer.

Le Binh is quiet, noble

On news of the veteran who suffered from a serious illness, his close colleagues were surprised and pained. Artist Quoc Thao said: "Binh Binh long illness that no artist is unknown." I am sad and angry Mr. Binh when he did not share, only suffering, only suffering.

In the field of listening to Le Binh, but for a long time, he illustrates the first
Le Binh in the movie There is a house that listens to the rain.

"A few days ago I had a message that he did not mention sickness, hospital or whatever, he lived quietly, afraid to disturb others, so he did not let people know," said the male artist.

Quoc Thao said that he and Le Binh worked together for a long time on stage 5B. With Quoc Thao he always works and lives nobly.

"Acting with his juniors, he is calm and affectionate, he loves the profession, talents, as an actor, writing scripts, as a director, refuses no role, silent, simple," Quoc Thao said.

According to Quoc Thao, Le Binh hides disease through self-respect, does not want people to feel sorry for her. He said: "How many years of work, never boring Le Binh or other people complaining about him, it is difficult to find an artist like Binh.

The most respected Quoc Thao in Le Binh is the great love for work. Twenty years ago, his drama was not enough to buy a noodle bowl, but Le Binh never opened the call. When he listened to Quoc Island because of hard work, Le Binh encouraged him with positive thoughts.

Simple living, support young artists

Speaking of artist Le Binh, comedian Anh Duc remembers a talented father but lives and acts humbly. He has collaborated with Le Binh in many short films and dramas. Once he came to the house of the artist to invite him to take part in the comic comedy, Anh Germany surprised by the simple life of Le Binh in an old apartment.

In the field of listening to Le Binh, but in the corridor, 2
German loves the natural way of acting, Le Binh.

"I look at you in the hospital, shave from chemo, I'm very sorry, I recently went back to the uncle, he has a cough but I do not know how serious a disease is."

Duc said he loved the natural, noisy comedy of the original artist. He said that the graceful comedy of Le Binh stems from his sincere character.

Hua Minh That with his wife to see doctors and Le Binh cancer can not hide the shock. Recently he also mocked the image that mingled, fortunately that he praised the handsome of today that he saw in the hospital, chemotherapy.

For artist Hua Leh, artist Le Binh gave many acting skills as martial arts. He did not deny that he had learned the soft, humorous wit of Le Binh.

His time with the original artist when they both play stage 5B. At that time, Hua Ming and his teacher often eat and drink after each performance. Male artist encourages Lam Vy Da to live according to the profession and the spirit of life will be aid organizations. & # 39; Speaking of my career, I can of & # 39; in the morning to late evening, & # 39; he said.

In terms of listening to Le Binh number, explain 3
Xu Minh That acknowledged the influence of the comedy of Le Binh.

Hua Ming That said he called for people to contribute and to support the artist Le Binh in the treatment of the disease.

On his personal page, singer Dam Vinh Hung also asked for supporters of the music night at the end of August in No Name Room to support Le Binh and Mai Phuong.

Le Binh has lung cancer, in the same department with Mai Phuong

Deep Bao Ngoc said that the veteran actor of the South screen is treated for the fourth time because of lung cancer.

Le Binh has lung cancer

Le Binh

Le Binh has lung cancer

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