Jackie Chan acted suddenly after scandal clearance to earn a living

Monday, 03/09/2018 09:35 (GMT + 7)

For the act of the daughter Miss Wu Ỷ Loi once said that she is very embarrassed & # 39; felt and thought her daughter was in trouble.

The fall of Jackie Chan and Miss Wu Ỷ Loi is Wu Ziyi. She was outrageously uninteresting in life.

According to some Chinese news sites, Wu Ziyi and Andi & # 39; s gay girlfriend were betrothed. On his personal page Andi unexpectedly changed his personal information and revealed that he was engaged, with photos taken with Wu Ziyi on 29 April.

Jackie Chan suddenly acted after the scandal to save himself - 1

Wu Zhou's girlfriend shared information that the couple had been engaged since April 29

In May, Andi and Wu Zhoulin took up work in a Uchu Hause company. According to the company's website, this is a multimedia company based in Toronto (Canada) specializing in photo editing, costume design, hair style … In which Andi and Wu Trac Lam are the owners of the company. It seems that they are investing together.

Meanwhile, the personal page of Wu Zemin was updated with a new name on 1 September. She translated her English name from Etta Wu to Etta Zen. Many people say that she changed her last name. The grandmother of Wu Zhou was the girl of Miss Wu Ziyi when she was asked about the name change of the girlfriend: "I am very embarrassed, I think my daughter is in trouble, I do not. What do you want to say about this?"

Jackie Chan acted suddenly to clean up after the scandal - 2

Chan does not care about her mother Wu Ỷ Loi

In April of this year, Ngo Ỷ Loi lost contact with her daughter. The girlfriend of Wu Zemin and Andi arrived in Canada for a few months. At the end of April they filmed photographed clips online because they had no money, had to sleep in the basement.

Wu Ziyun also said that she is the daughter of Jackie Chan and that she is currently homeless and that she suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Both Wu Zemin and his lesbian lover are not interested in the community.

Jackie Chan acted suddenly after scandal clearance to earn a living - 4

The photo of Ngo Tram Lam was taken to scare her to scrape scaveng to earn a living

In the past, some internet users reached Thanh & # 39; s daughter in the streets of Toronto and made photo's in August this year. She has long hair, pulling behind a basket with many pockets. There are rumors that she must seek to live abroad. Later, however, some people said that Wu Ziyun was only shopping in the supermarket.

In 1999 Jackie Chan almost recognized himself as the father of his daughter Wu Chulli (Cheuk Lam) with Miss Asia in 1990, Wu Ỷ Loi. The actor does not take care of her mother Ngo Ỷ Loi because she is in the trap of Miss.

In 1982 Jackie Chan married the Taiwan actor Lin Fengqiao. In the same year, the couple gave birth to their son, who is now an actor and singer of Enumeration. Chan always praised his wife who lived with him.

The tragic situation of his daughter Jackie Chan is in Canada

The latest news about Jackie Chan's falling scavenger in Canada has caused a stir.

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