Mai Phuong is supported by nearly 2 billion, Le Binh is 200,000 gangbed

Saturday 25/08/2018 10:02 AM (GMT + 7)

Also located in the cancer department of Hospital 175, Ho Chi Minh City, actors Mai Phuong and Le Binh optimistic, fighting with disease.

The health of Mai Phuong, MC Dai Nghia stands out for donations

During the past week, artists and audiences spent a lot of time encouraging actors Mai Phuong and Le Binh to fight lung cancer. Currently two actors are being treated at Military Hospital 175, Ho Chi Minh City.

Mai Phuong is supported by nearly 2 billion, Le Binh is on the hall bed 200,000 - 1

Artist Le Binh said, 24.8 hours, Mai Phuong wheelchair moving away from the bed to visit him. The heart of the actress deeply impressed the artist.

During a week at the hospital, the family said that the Mai Phuong health is very weak. She must also treat her bones, otherwise she breaks her leg.

Recently MaiFuong stopped social network information with radiotherapy because the cancer cells. The family of the actress also said that the health condition of Mai Phuong is good.

According to Le Phuong's mother, her daughter's medication should improve her health. But the actress completed the treatment regime only for 1 week, the following week in the direction of the next treatment.

Snake Thanh Van – good friends with Mai Phuong throughout the hospital also share: "Phuong currently receives good medication and continues to be treated normally." Radiation on social networks does not exist.

Because Mai Phuong's tumor has spread to the bone during the last few days, she has to treat the bone to prevent the bone from breaking.

Mai Phuong is supported by almost 2 billion, Le Binh is in the hallway bed of 200,000 - 2

People love Hong Van, all encouraging junior to overcome the disease.

Earlier, on the 22nd of August, Thanh unveiled the snake, Mai Phuong responds to good medicine, but now she has to rest. "The method of blood transfusion, continuous administration of drugs so tired. Today the health of Phuong is better.

Breathing and pulmonary status improved. Anemia is also reduced. However, due to the onset of the reaction of the drug, she is somewhat tired due to the release of tumor cells in the blood. The doctor gave the drug to poison the method to remove toxic waste more quickly through the urine ", Snake Thanh Van has shared.

From August 18-21, the number of Vietnamese artists who provided support and support for actress Mai Phuong nearly 850 million, excluding the transfer directly to the account number of the actress, as well as other items from the audience, friends …

Artist Dai Nghia has also officially announced not to receive positive support from Mai Phuong from colleagues, the regular after almost a week of calling. He announced that the amount of the call is 837,852.00 VND.

Dai Nghia said that his current account receives support for many other charity projects that may temporarily no longer receive contributions to actor Mai Phuong.

"This means that the money will be transferred in the future because of the many projects that are still going on, so Nghia would no longer receive Phuong here to concentrate on other projects." Dai Nghia said.

Mai Phuong is supported by almost 2 billion, Le Binh is located in the hall bed of 200,000 - 3

Colleagues always support Mai Phuong.

Le Binh beds are 200,000 VND

Meanwhile, actor Le Binh discovered lung cancer more than 4 months ago and was treated quietly 3 months ago.

In the same treatment with actor Mai Phuong in the 175 Military Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Le Binh hides the disease with the public and colleagues because they do not want to bother people. Only when the image he had recorded in the hospital with a sneaky patient was recorded and distributed on the Internet, the audience is shocked.

On his personal page, Le Binh writes: "You know, people know who to visit, I thank you very much .. At the moment my family did not publish an account number and did not call in any help, expected people to find information, thank you for your attention."

Mai Phuong is supported by Leh's 200 billion lies corridor, nearly 2 billion

Le Binh is optimistic about illness.

Le Binh's daughter – Le Kha Ngan – said her father had radiotherapy 4 and swallowed medication. "Because I was filming, my father was only outpatient, not in hospital." she said.

Four months ago, actor Le Binh met a minor accident that caused him pain in his chest. During a visit, the doctor discovered that he had lung cancer. According to Le Kha Han, the doctor has not announced how sick her father was. The lung tumors of the 65-year-old actor are relatively small, with no signs of metastasis.

In 4 times of chemotherapy, actor Le Binh spent about 30-40 million. "In the beginning, because I do not have health insurance, so the cost of every treatment is more than 10 million, after which I started working as a health insurance, so the costs have been reduced considerably." artist Le Binh said.

In addition, 65-year-old artists also choose bed corridors, which cost 200,000 per day to save costs.

"The bed is whether or not to spend 200,000 every day, with all the money on the market, I have no money to put in the service room, but the thinking is mourning" he said.

Mai Phuong is supported by almost 2 billion, Le Binh is in the hallway bed of 200,000 - 6

Le Binh is in the hallway to save money.

According to her, her father is quite calm and does not want to bother anyone. He always hides his illness with people and the concept of "stagnant water". "My father always thought he was going to work and that the children would worry about him." As far as my community is concerned, my father did not even think about it. " she has shared.

On 27 August, Le Binh is fired to make a planned film.

On August 24, artist Quoc Thuan received 155,200,000 VND from his colleague and supporting artist Le Binh on his personal page. National representative of the money that is offered to him. He said, artist Le Binh got close to tears when receiving help.

Mai Phuong received the good news amid the weakened health

Composer Nguyen Van Chung shared a good news with actor Mai Phuong.

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