Mai Phuong times have television viewers hunt for the life story

Mai Phuong is a hard working mother and has a good number of lives for her cancer.

Two days ago the Vietnamese showbiz and the public were shocked by the news that Mai Phuong had cancer. Lungs in the final phase. The 33-year-old star, who is single mother, is a single mother and her five-year-old daughter. It seems that fate too often challenged the little actress, beautiful. Before the cancer, she choked many people to talk about her life on television.

OPEN CONCENTRATION IN "STORY LOVE" ABOUT THE LOVE LOVE, [NIEUWS] 19, Pianist of the night opened his heart to talk about the most turbulent time when his lover turned away, her mother protested she was pregnant. In the middle of her career, Mai Phuong was passionate and decided to live together with her friend who was a singer. But then the differences of personality, the two apart.

  But the orchestra of the audience was invited to talk about the subject - 1

The secret, Mai Phuong rare

Until the discovery of the pregnancy, Mai Phuong is angry and does not know what to do because of the pressure around it. She confessed: "The worst pressure on you is economic, the second I did not expect was the reaction of my family, when my reaction was more terrible than my endurance, so in that period, my mother is most afraid, every day I fell into a state of just listening to the footsteps are only nervous so you go away, escape … "

On the boyfriend Mai Phuong also admitted that he did not give her anything during pregnancy has helped. & # 39; It is not as if we are together again, but then we are back for a while, but ultimately, his thoughts and his way of doing things. I do not have children and children in it. "

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Single mother tolerance makes many viewers

Born in a lot of hard work and received no help from the man he loved and fathered his children, but Mai Phuong is tolerant: "If when He comes home or he probably still helps … He will still welcome her as a baby. "

After having heard the story of the actress born in 1985, the artists are present at Programs such as Cat Tuong, Qu Y Linh, deserving artist Kim Xuan … with the studio audience not calm tears for the life of the little girl

MIDDLE OF THE "THE CHILD'S SIDE" ABOUT THE CHILD OF THE CHILD About two years ago, Mai Phuong was less involved in art, so the public thought of her. his appearance on Singing love story and then participated in the contest The comical couple saw new fans Mai Phuong & # 39; s explosively on stage, then "one mother one" walked more shows, appear on television more.

A few months ago, Mai Phuong was more interested in the audience when co-starring Tam Anh Torque comedy 2018 – TV program from Viet Trinh – Ly Hung – Viet Huong – Thanh Bach as judges Sideline of the show, Mai Phuong touched on the story of his life, work stories and personal feelings.

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Mai Phuong suddenly returns to the TV when joining the comic duo.

She said that her father and her daughter were reunited several times and separated. However, she was no longer the king. Actress Taste Sediment also said that they can still be friends and share the difficulties they encounter with a very comfortable mind. Mai Phuong also thinks that comfort will help her daughter later.

Speaking of a new shoulder, the actress said: "Life alone is very tired, sometimes Mai Phuong also wants to rest, trust, maybe he is not materially rich, but Mai Phuong can at least rely on the mind … Saying real is not possible because of not knowing "onclick =" return openNewImage (this, '') "src =" data: image / png; base64, iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAAEAAAABAQMAAAAl21bKAAAAA1BMVEX6 + vqsEtnpAAAACklEQVQI12NgAAAAAgAB4iG8MwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg == "data-original =" https : // -DOI-xot-xa-phuong1-1534705295-843-width660height440.jpg "/>

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" Single mothers "spread the love story with gaps in the heart.

Sharing the life of a single mother, Mai Phuong said: "A family of three and mother educate children also have a lot of problems, Mai Phuong p Both the role and the family too, So Mai Phuong met a lot of obstacles but Mai Phuong asked permission to keep his. "

Mai Phuong also said, she did not want Girls want a stable life, to limit the contact of girls with art. But if you later have passion, she will not protest or support, but a strong shoulder for you to rely on the life of the artist full of three.

IN PIGS IN LOVE, NEW ONLY I love to happen in the TV

Attempts to raise money, & # 39; single mothers & # 39; as well as doing business, there were more shows. Lung cancer has been discovered for about a week, but her condition is in the final phase. Mai Phuong's health has been abnormal in the past, but fans still see her appear fresh on television.

  But the audience of the orchestra was not impressed by the conversation - 5 Recently, Mai Phuong and his good friend Duong Cam Lynh, Kha Ly, appeared in the series "One Hundred One Minutes" on August 12, [19659025] but she laughed carefree, radiant and fun to tease people.

Mai Lan Phuong of the public for the radio – "onclick =" return openNewImage (this, "") "src =" data: image / jpeg; base64, iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAAEAAAABAQMAAAAl21bKAAAAA1BMVEX6 + vqsEtnpAAAACklEQVQI12NgAAAAAgAB4iG8MwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg == "data-original =" https: // doi-xot-xa-38955216_2608658012493381_4087008767688835072_n-1534702234-740-width960height444.jpg "width =" 660 "/>

 The orchestra of the audience to the public of the radio show - 19659035] Mai Phuong Also present in the show Electric Face [19659028] In the new sitcom broadcast "Die mama melk", Mai Phuong is also one of the main characters. </p>
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After the silence, the "one mother" of this year participated in many TV shows. cast of "The Gate of the Sun" after almost 10 years to meet.

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VIDEO: Mai Phu ong and the cast MC Dai Nghia – his brother Mai Phuong also said that she has recently been a guest in the show. and unexpectedly her illness changed quickly And so: "Only a few days ago, I was a guest in his show, I am tired, but I must try to smile, but I do not dare to say much because I'm afraid make the mind more fluctuating. "

In the little girl – Every time I laugh, my lips are flexible, my voice is light and my mind is so aggressive that many people can not live much more propose. According to Thanh Van, Mai Phuong's life is completely disturbed, daughter Lavie has not been to school for more than a month.

According to Hai Video – BTC (Discovery)

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