Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: I am single

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc expressed his concern about the pressure of rumors of "flying wind" that he had to undergo during the first years of his career. That is also the reason to create a thorny, sharp edge of the present.

At the age of 28, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc funny, peculiar and clever way of talking. She said that when she went through the dark period of her life, she lived a much simpler life.

The actress said she chose to love, simple way of life, gentle. The man next to her will also feel more comfortable than the people in the past. But at the same time, it will still be a strong and fierce Lan Ngoc in his career is calm, calm for all marketing.

– Almost a year ago she shared her desire to break free from the image of a girl in a clear, pure and not self-controlling. What time do you have your desire?

Yes I do it. I began to grow up when no one was considered a child anymore. The day before the casting everyone thought I only played the role of young, naive, gentle and miserable. So I never got the role of sex appeal, life.

Jealous beauty with Jun Wu

At that time I was extremely sad because he was 24, 25 years old and not young anymore. Then I realized that the actors are dependent on each stage. If I want to change roles, I have to change myself first.

I have to make a secret, make a charming Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc before the director saw the possibility that I could be on the bigger shoulder.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: & # 39; Stop acting 2 years because rumor girl & # 39;

– What is the milestone sign in your image?

– My first big peeling was the shoulder in Cam membrane: the story is not told. Then people started to realize that I could do more. The change in perceptions of people has shifted my path. Personally, more dramatic roles came to me. From that moment on my current and future path is no longer the same.

– How can you "exercise" become a woman in life?

– I have to practice a lot to become more "women". Because I do not think I have a lot of sexy, sharp women. Maybe I do not have much experience, so I do not understand much.

While filming the latest film, the old ladies, I will be actively talking to older sisters to understand the physiology of the "old girl", his life in success will need something.

– A few years ago, referring to the image "pearl female" next step Tang Ha, many people think of her. Now think back to this name, I see how?

– I think Pearl is a nice name, but it has a stage. In the past, after Tang Thanh Ha stopped acting, the audience sees who will be the successor to the title pearl female. I think this is a way for many people to not just talk about a beautiful, talented person.

– The generation "pearl girls" of the current Vietnamese cinema have Jun Vu, Phuong Anh Dao, Nha Phuong, not only Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc. Is there competition for this title?

– Absolutely not. Currently I am not building myself in the direction of the pearl. I just want a different name and when I referred to that name, the audience immediately remembered me. I want to have my own place in the audience. And now, mother-of-pearl screen Vietnamese, I would not compete again.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: & # 39; Stop acting 2 years because rumor girl & # 39;

– Temporarily put aside the name of the pearl, in terms of work between the beautiful actresses, talented together there is certainly a certain competition. The name of Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc in the neighborhood is not considered the first and only choice. What do you see?

– It is true that I have a lot of jealousy. Why have not you been born a beautiful heaven, that is not true. When I saw Jun Yu in the movie May Bright, I was only glazed because she was so beautiful.

Speaking about competition is not really because I no longer focus on these roles. Anyway, I am almost 30 years old and will go my own way. For example, let me play innocent, innocent, very difficult for me. For too long I do not know how naive I was. (Laughs)

– If I say so, it seems that sooner or later she looked forward, I will be replaced and create new paths.

– Actually, that is for sure, nobody will have that other person. New people will arise every day. I can not look at what people do and try to bury them.

I can not resist looking for a better way. So I think I want more than people in the skill and experience. Everything comes naturally to you without having to force you.

"She chided me because I was greedy because she can not succeed"

– There is information Ngo Thanh Van trust and many expectations, passion to invest her in his successor generation, is not this?

– Not just me, but many other friends. But it is true that I am a bit in favor, because Van is the one who discovered me when I "drifted", not knowing what to do. When the company started filming, she happily thought of me first.

But Van also told me that she only gave me the chance, and that the catch and the success depend on my talent. Fortunately, the two films I resonate with her work and they have a good effect on the audience.

After this, I do not know whether I was selected for the next project or not. Mrs. Van is very honest. If there is a suitable role, she will be open and if I want to, I will have to cast like another actor.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: & # 39; Stop acting 2 years because rumor girl & # 39;

– What do you think, after the last two films, how much did you meet the expectations of Ngo Thanh Van?

– probably only for 60-70%. In Ba Ba Saigon, for example, I miss the pendulum and the penis. Sometimes I find myself framed and forced into old acting patterns that have not yet been broken. Sometimes Van reminded me to be more "relaxed". When I was alone, I could barely discover myself, exploit new ways of acting.

After I started studying with Kathy Uyen, I realized that there are many different ways of acting that help me change my familiar way of acting. I am a completely new person in acting. I think my acting goes west, new.

– Do you have a lot of influence from Ngo Thanh Van from character to acting?

– Acting is not but I have a lot of influence on Van's personality. I do my best to find things, stricter. In particular, I am more determined with what I am striving for. In the past I was very easy to deal with. The difficulty is that I feel discouraged, instead of having to be tired. I live in a very carefree way, which gives the opportunity to do, not to give up.

But later, when I contacted Van, I realized that I was wrong. She says that young actors like me are easy to achieve success, but lose it quickly. We can not keep the reputation level as long as previous generations, such as Van, Tang Thanh Ha, Thanh Hang, Ho Ngoc Ha, Minh Hang.

– In particular, why can not you succeed like sisters?

– I realize that we have not achieved such things through greed, by doing this, but I also regret it. I also want to receive whatever comes to mind, I do not want to miss anything for fear of losing the chance. It is because I want to hold so many things so that nobody is completely gone. So it is unfinished, nothing at all.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: & # 39; Stop acting 2 years because rumor girl & # 39;

I often come here and there, but there is no place to leave a deep impression. "The film I invite you to take part in, every event you invite to go, I do not cherish your personality, my job is how can other people cherish you?", Told Van Me. I have always pursued that sentence forever.

It helps me understand that if you do a good job, the other options will be worthwhile. When I give everything, the best will come to me.

The success of Cam's shoulder testifies to this. This character brings me to a lot of things that I had never imagined before. 2014 is also my brightest moment. I got a lot of contracts, earned a lot of money, bought a house, cars only in the next few months.

Recently, director Leon Le of Leon Lang & # 39; honest that the young Vietnamese actor is too busy with his work and does not fully invest in the role, personally she is a professional in the field, what do you think?

– I think Leon Le said to be one-sided. Because you only work with a few actors or have heard about something. I think that in Vietnam there is really no shortage of devoted young actors, blood fire, dedication all for the job.

– But she herself admitted that there was a time of greed, not focus on every role.

– Yes that was me. Because I recovered from a long period, when I went back to zero, I was afraid that I would lose the chance that I could get up. But after giving up the thought and achieving the good results of the effort I have made for each role, I am convinced that I am really mature.

– So you feel sorry for that time of greed?

– Half of the regret, the other half not. Because I was young at that time, let's just be aggressive, do what we want. I lost my fault for my youth. As long as I know where I'm wrong and let go of greed at the right moment.

Leave the film for 2 years because it is a rumor girl

– How did she change her character from day to day at the age of 28 with more than 8 years of film work?

– I am an independent, independent, independent woman. So everything, I also think, calculate very well before you do it. I do not want me to stumble and lose my hard work.

The bigger I need to be mature, careful, can not like to do it as in the past or do not do not. I know where the need for determination is, where too humble.

On the other hand, people will find me from the present is more "breathing" woman. In the past I was stubborn, stubborn, hard and very fascinating. Because people are at my side, I also want them to change to be fit and fit. One must do good things so that the two go up together. Who has what I do not like is that I say straight, even force to change.

Now the opposite. I am extraordinarily special, more compassionate and know how to reconcile, share with others. In the past, the person who dealt with me was angry and asked him for time, sometimes I was just silent for the conversation.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: & # 39; Stop acting 2 years because rumor girl & # 39;

– The straight-line personality, easy to get angry before she gets entangled in a lot of media mess?

Since then I have never done anything wrong with the press, my colleagues. Sometimes it is just "wind blowing wind", itself on his head. As I get older and know how to behave, I easily slide through.

In the past, I think I or the other person is right, wrong place must three words are a clear statement. But if you live in the world where there is always no market, noisy, then you have to calm down, quiet to solve. Because we do not always share the guts, people understand and sympathize with themselves. I am not a good person to confront the market, so choose the best way to avoid it.

– So far the city has ever made the most outrageous?

– That is when my new legs have drowned in the box and is known by the role of Nuong in the field of endless. I do not know where the rumor girl is going, get three prizes. Now that I think back, I find it very funny. But at that time, because I was so young, I was shocked and very scared, just crying, daring to go out in fear of people who say that I am a girl.

At that moment I gradually shrink back and I feel that the world of showbizz is scary. That is why I decided to stop two years, do not dare to continue with the profession. And now, growing up, I notice that I am stronger, stronger and able to overcome everything when I know how to balance my life.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: & # 39; Stop acting 2 years because rumor girl & # 39;

– With a thorny Lan Ngoc from the stream if there is something that falls down or not?

– Yes, there are many things in my life to fall. With the things that I have experienced, I will be able to stand up easily. Today I look back, I feel lighter but not sure the waves that I can overcome later. Life is not happy forever.

"Now everyone who loves me will breathe more easily"

– Recently, people are slumbering about rumors from her and Chi Dan. Singer does not grant love but revealing is still for her care, special care. What about yourself?

– I thank you for sharing me. But there are things I will say, but there are things that I would like to hide from myself.

I can only claim that at this moment I am single and in a relationship to get to know each other. If everything is clear, I will not hide the public.

– She has shared very difficult before and she always wants to change her love to be in harmony with me, now what?

It is true that the men next to me now (if present) will love me more easily than the people in the past. Because I have had many incidents in the past, often sadness, suffering and making my life heavy. Sometimes I make my own harness so hard that men find it difficult to touch me and hurt me.

In that time I love reasoning rather than all my feelings. Later, when I broke up, I realized that if I had not lived for people, the story would go in a different direction, hardly happy.

There is one sentence that the old man told me forever: "I never thought things were positive, what is this love story for me?" At that time, I thought a lot and suddenly realized that every time there was a conflict, I chose to separate, never tried to hold hands and overcome those obstacles together.

That makes people wonder if I love them more when it is easy to throw away such feelings. After falling apart, I understood what I had to change to make the affair better. I have to change before I change people's opinion.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: & # 39; Stop acting 2 years because rumor girl & # 39;

– Twenty girls often love the heart, until the age of U30 will have more reason. And you are the opposite, is there any contradiction?

– Because not everyone knows how terrible the days before that I met so terribly that I had to become so strong. Sometimes they want to protect me, but not. If I am going to suffer, I will stop. I have been living independently for so long that everything can only be solved. So the men next to me sometimes do not see the personality of women in me.

Now, when I go through the threshold of the wind, I have more experience, I understand life, so I can live more easily. It will be a Lan Ngoc at the moment nhut, nhung at the moment of pleasure, lively, sometimes soft, shy when strong, tough.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: & # 39; Stop acting 2 years because rumor girl & # 39;

– When you change the way of love, what you need in the man will also be different?

– Before, I choose for myself the only man who can give me emotion and sincerity. Everything else can grow and change together. In particular, I absolutely do not accept the fake man.

– Successful career, material enough, when you want to build your own nest?

– I also want to be older anyway (laughs). Unfortunately, I have not found the right person yet. This year I want to concentrate on my work, maybe 1.2 years. I do not want to get married at the age of 30. My parents are also afraid of me. But as I said, I have only just started figuring out.

(Theo Zing)

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: I do not sing so much that I was called a disaster & # 39; "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc: I do not sing bad enough to be a disaster & # 39;

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc opposite the satirical remarks about his voice pretty calm. She claimed to sing repeatedly for fun, not long sought after.

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Gentlemen of war: Lam Vy Ta her slap Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc

Gentlemen of war: Lam Vy Ta her, beat Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc for the hustle and bustle to challenge participants.

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Lan Ngoc, passionate hotboy in the United States with advertising for Cong Kha

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