No question of Changjiang after the engagement

Sunday 26/08/2018 10:29 (GMT + 7)

Nha Phu thanked her parents for not mentioning Changjiang or the engagement event.

Nha Phuong unexpected action: no mention of Changjiang after engagement - 1

On the evening of 24 August, Truong Giang and Nha Phuong secretly held an engagement ceremony in Hoi An. Then two artists and their families in Quang Nam to visit family and burn incense for ancestors.

On August 25, Nha Phuong updated her profile with a happy family photo. She did not mention Truong Giang or the big event. The actress shares the first post after life column to thank the biological mother on the day Vu Lan.

Nha Phuong said: "Thank you parents for raising, you learn how to grow up. Another season of Woolly came again, I wish you a warm season with the family Vu Lan".

Nha Phuong unexpected action: no mention of Changjiang after engagement - 3

Nha Phuong family.

With a delicate look in the morning, many people do not know that Nha Phuong had to go through a very difficult childhood. She is also quite calm in private life, so her family circumstances and especially her parents are rarely mentioned.

It is known that the family of Nha Phuong has 5 children, including 4 girls, 1 son, Nha Phuong is the third. Her family lives in Dak Lak, so the occupation is mainly agriculture, mother She is a peddler and her father is a teacher. Her family is always filled with laughter because the brothers and sisters have harmony, love each other.

How does the family deal with Truong Giang Nha Phuong in the province?

Suan Giang's sister revealed, Nha Phuong has won the sympathy of people because "gentle and charming talk".

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