Post-show bred scenes have her husband U90, niece U50 & # 39; arranged & # 39; … her 9x makes network people like crazy

For now it is not uncommon for older women to marry older men, older women and older siblings, but as young as they are healthy, love and share with older brides. My grandchildren, grandchildren, there is not much.

Mrs. Minh Tam, 27, recently posted a family photo on the social network. If you look at it, nothing special is when you carefully read the red note about Tam's relationship with the people in the picture.

Minh Tam has shared a very interesting photo of his family's summary: "In this photo you are the brothers and sisters, grandchildren and grandparents of your husband's house." In summary, the brothers and sisters from 71 to 92. I am from 43 to 50 years old. Why are you afraid of the mouth when you first talk about the U30, especially the 81- and 91-year-old brother who speaks Vietnamese, should call him – her sister very clearly.

Post show bred scene with husband Sister husband U90, grandson U50 ... 9x girl made network like crazy island - Photo 1.

Large family photo & # 39; s shared by the social network

Stunned with the "staging" of her husband's sister in the 2x floor, 3x but extremely "youthful"

We know that their parents are Chinese. The difference in age is due to the fact that her husband and her brothers are half-brothers. Situation Tam husband was also pretty tired when he was born in Canada, but lost contact with his family for 30 years. They had just been reunited, so the feeling was tight.

Her husband & # 39; s sister is in line "2x, 3x". Surprisingly, they are all very healthy, intelligent and very psychological with their bridesmaids. Tam is in love with each other, he once spoke with his cousin in the US and made screenshots of her lover. Thought it was three men who had to meet with grandma. She also said: & # 39; Ehm & # 39; s Sang is still alive, so look for sure a hundred years right? & # 39;. But then Sang was shocked when Sang said that it was his twins.

Post show bred scene with husband Sister husband U90, grandson U50 ... her 9x makes network people like crazy island - Photo 2.

Happy family of Minh Tam

Tam shared: "I am most intimate with my 71-year-old sister and all my older brothers and sisters do not have the same old life that I see in Vietnam, they are more active than the young people, and my husband or husband is very talkative.

Everyone's personality is very open. I was totally surprised by the concept of older people & # 39; in Taiwan. You wake up early, work or teach, and then exercise. Even my sister looks at the World Cup, chatting with her and snacking through the night. & # 39;

27 and 71 the age limit seems able to talk to each other as she is with her, this girl is considered her sister is no other friend, confidant everything in life. By the words of Minh Tam can be seen, the seniors on the picture should be called "youth long life."

Husband of husband settles regularly, reconciliation for his sister and brother every time the two have a knot

Mind tells: "You love and understand your partner very much. From small to large, even if angry husband, Hinyee (71 years old) is always interested, shares her and advises. My husband and I went to Thailand to play with a lot of arguments. Do not know why, children are angry that they are too demanding not to go out again.

Their men must call for help. How hard to argue, but his criteria are to respect her husband for what she has missed in the past to accept that her husband is the younger brother in the house. That feeling tells me how much the heart of her husband is tolerant and very respectful. So I always calm down and listen to her to deal well with her husband. She is very good at removing all misunderstandings and contributing more quickly to the healing of her husband. She always acted with big and small things in the lightest and most loving ways. & # 39;

Post show bred scene with husband Sister husband U90, grandson U50 ... her 9x makes network people like crazy island - Photo 3.

My dear husband and sister

More eyelashes"Old age does not prevent someone from socializing in your partner's family, participates in useful activities such as teaching, physical activity from Zumba to opera.I started at 6 o'clock in the morning, yoga and breakfast, and then everyone was deeply social work in the night, I found the agility and activity, the children are more than the age of her husband, grandchildren are much bigger, her grandchildren are 50 years old.

The children are very good and polite, great is his wife very wrapped up. The family must be thoroughly trained.

Many people are very surprised and interested in Tam's family members. Some people ask again whether these figures are older. But those things are not as important as young girls feel very happy and content with the current life, with the scene to go to work. She will also try to keep good relationships forever.

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