Predicts new week from 20/8 to 26/8 for 12 constellations

Through ELLE soothsayer see what awaits 12 zodiac waiting for a new dynamic week and suddenly surrendered.


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The eastern astrology this year is reasonably satisfying. You can unexpectedly receive money from parents or relatives in the family. At work, finding a common base between you and your partner will have positive effects when you negotiate or work together. Excessive work pressure can cause Ram to feel stressful. Try to look at all aspects of the problem and you will find feasible solutions for yourself.


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This is going to be a pretty busy week with Taurus. You have to concentrate on the work and be careful when making decisions. Complaints from other people can put a lot of pressure on Taurus. Listening to people's opinions is a good thing, but it should be taken into account if the problems are related to your finances or your personal health. Not everyone can trust you to share sensitive information. The problems that arise from the relationship from the past also cause Taurus to have a headache.


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At the workplace of the zodiac Gemini there will be some changes. This week but nothing too confusing. Your mood this week is pretty good, because everything Gemini has planned has followed its trajectory. This is also an ideal time to relax your appearance. Keep in mind that you do not spend too much on extravagant items. Weekend, spend more time with your family, friends and loved ones. Gemini has neglected them for a long time.

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With the zodiac cancer this week you have to avoid making hasty decisions, especially shopping and merchandise. Learn more about the truth before you share your ideas. Do not rely too much on someone's promise, but be responsible for yourself. Conflicts can occur between Cancer with friends, but the situation is not too serious. On weekends, you can attend events or workshops to expand your relationships. complain if you do not fulfill your assigned responsibilities at work. Work hard and complete what you started before you thought about dating with a coffee friend or going out for fun. The positive attitude and cheerfulness of the Leo family this week ensures that many people pay attention to you. The lone singles benefit from this to change the status of their relationship. It is best time to analyze someone's actions to him. It will not help to sit back and meditate. You will also have to focus your attention on the work because the volume of Virgo work has to be done this week. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your colleague. Updating or changing the current look will bring many positive surprises for Virgo. related to family this week. A family member can cause problems for you. Be careful when choosing words in communication. Although what you plan to do is rather slow, Libby will get what you want, so be patient. The love story of Libra this week can be misunderstood with the enemy when they try to control the situation and selfish behavior.


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Everything This week will take place as scheduled by scorpions. However, you also have to make decisions about your near future. Do not overdo yourself with new people to avoid making the wrong impression. You also have to avoid disturbing your arguments in the workplace. Love story is also a highlight of Scorpio this week. An intimate action by someone will help Scorpio fly his temper to 9 levels of clouds.

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Mercury has ended the cycle of rebellion It's time to change your haircut or look for a new look Be clear about the problems in the past Someone's actions can make you frustrated, just because things do not go as expected by the archers, spend a lot of money on health.

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The tip of the week for the constellation is to stay away from meetings. This may cause you to get into trouble in the future, be patient and try not to confront anyone if you want to change the situation, write down and check on papers or documents related to finances, and the love story is not too calm when the conflict suddenly occurs between you and him.

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Aquarius Aquarius gets a new week filled with It is interesting to have "really prosperous people" and to be successful in personal work. However, do not be subjective or careless. Love story is also very satisfying. Do not regret the praise or cheer the opponent the moment they need it most, Aquarius. Pay more attention to your emotional health. You will have to spend a lot on your health this week.


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Fish will have many opportunities to make friends and expand relationships. this week. Do not let personal feelings affect your decision to work. The stressful moments this week are just challenges to make you stronger. Your efforts at work will be recognized by the people if Pisces does not neglect their responsibilities. Do not share your plans with someone in the area until you are satisfied with the results.


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