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"Hate is love", part 2 of the film entitled "Love is hate" is broadcast at 9 p.m., Wednesday at 5 p.m. on VTV3, 29/8.

To explain the decision to continue part 2 "Love is hate," director Trịnh Lê Phong said: "I met Mr. Do Thanh Hai (director of VFC), he asked if I wanted to do part 2 or not, if or Then said I yes and confirmed that part 2 would be more interesting than the first one. "

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Phuong Anh and Anh Dung in "Love is hate only".

Director Trinh Le Phong added that, in addition to humor, as in the previous section, Love is hate & # 39; is focused on the story of the characters when entering into married life. Overcoming many difficulties, Kim (Phuong Anh) and Du (Dinh Tu) together in a new page of life: marriage. However, it is also a marriage that makes a difference in the way of life: contempt, rice money, children … because conflicts arise, love gradually becomes less. The happiness of the young couple seems to break. Part 2 examines more complex aspects of married life, character psychology.

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An old love story between artist Chi Trung and artist Van Dung.

Moreover, another story about marriage in "Love is hate" also brings a lot of interesting things: love story between Mrs. Diem and Quang "quo". With sincere, charming performances artist Chi Trung and artist Van Dung continue to fascinate fascinating viewers through the love story with many bad situations, bad laughter. In addition, the contribution of artist Quang Thang Thang (as Mr. Thang) is also a humorous point. This is the first time that three comedians have come together in a drama.

Not only acting on film, real life, artist Quang Thang and artist Van Dung are very good friends. At the press conference "Love is hate only", both have successfully completed the "challenge" by holding each other's hands and watching each other drown, giving the audience more pleasure.

Van Dung thought up jokes about his elation with Meritorious Artist Chi Trung and Quang Thang Meritorious Artist: "The show with Chi Trung was very stressful, but with Quang Thang very peaceful.Yes, his face was funny, just stupid, gentle, I was both funny as sweet.

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Throw "Love Hates Me" at the press conference.

Besides the aforementioned actors, the film also has the presence of new faces such as Anh Dung, Duy Nam. Some faces from the first part also appear in the second as Thu Trang, Thu Hoai, Hai Anh, Manh Hung … /.

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