Quang Thang revealed the reason why "do not like Van Dung"

He recently took part in many shows but he appeared almost on television in the army's program, so he concentrated on which projects?

Actually, I also have nothing new. Speaking of this month, I have my own success. The last time I just played sitcom for VFC in a project partnership with partners from the US, I just turned to take part Hatred is love with Van Dung.

In early August he received a two-night performance at the Bang Kieu show. It is a success for me as well as the show and even this film I hope that my participation will bring success to the team.

Quang Thang revealed the reason why Van Dung's love was not - Photo 1.

After the army, Quang Thang Merchants rarely appear on television.

Busy, so he has less time to spend with his family when he often works in Hanoi, but his wife and children are still in Hai Phong?

Everyone who makes an artist is forced to accept sacrifices. In the past few months it was true that I was less at home because of the many things in Hanoi, but my wife and children were familiar with the stage. When I was away, my wife took care of everything in the family, sometimes thinking well.

But life can not be different, it is the price that has to be paid in order to succeed. During difficult times with a focus on work, I rarely meet my family. This woman is also known. I can still go home at any time, because family is still the most important thing for me and work is always the same.

Every person must sacrifice or suffer a little. However, every time I go back to my wife and children immediately. The family is still the most important for every person.

Every time I go home, I spend all my time with my children. The children are very interested in watching films with his father, so that his father is also interwoven. Children like to watch movies instead of watching with my mother.

Because I often tell how this character is, how the character … Now the films follow the rhythm so fast that many adults do not even see the children.

Although he has a house in Hanoi for a long time, why did he not pick up his wife and children in the city, so that the family has more time together?

If you are talking about home is extreme, 5 square meters 4 square meters is also called home, 300 meters is also home alone, but picking up the family is a big problem to change the whole life, not to get up . That is also my personal business, so I do not want to share much.

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Rare photo of the family of artist Quang Thang.

The distance between the two places with the uncomfortable movement does not make him tired at home every time?

Maybe I am used to going back and forth for many years. It was a normal night for me to finish my duties as husband and father with my family. Now the roads are being upgraded and repaired, so that the travel time is shorter.

Only having a bus at the right time is at home, so that is no longer difficult. In Hanoi I find life noisier and more expensive. Under Haiphong the road is wide, the food prices are much more quality. Although Hanoi is the central capital of the country, quality management is certainly not a big city like Hai Phong.

Not much time near the family, has his wife ever worried that he has someone else?

I am so bad that my wife does not have to worry, because she is as bad as I do not want her. But what kind of girl does she take care of? Moreover, I identified myself as a real businessman, so I did not have the money to do it, to educate you, or the bag for the girls.

Young people are now quite pragmatic, they have to pursue who is also a good economist and a bit smart. People are both bad and have no money like me, there are no to dare to receive "no".

Are there still girls who just want love, no money or looks, his wife is not worried about it?

I'm actually looking forward to having someone flirt with me to try to see how romantic it is, but I have not seen it yet.

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With Van Dung Quang Thang always regarded her as a good friend on stage and in real life.

Also his wife is jealous of Van Dung, when the two brothers are the couple on stage and television couple for many years and often appear together?

In life I was very close to Van Dung and Van Dung also came to my house. That is because we are so close to being so comfortable. I even met my wife less than Van Dung. I and her two friends are not intimates, but we are very interested in acting. Actually I do not like Van Dung, I love her, my life is broken (laughs).

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