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Nguyen Quynh Huong, 21, student of Foreign Trade University – HCMC campus, Saigon in her is the adulthood of the adult. Born and raised in the city of Vung Tau (province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau), from childhood to school away from home, she simply means she is an adult: "But in this city I am growing up, stumbling and growing up".

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Huong (right) hold on to Saigon 3 years

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Nguyen Nhan Tam, 19, living in the Tan Binh District, defines HCMC Saigon as the city of rain. "What makes me special about the city when I am away is the rain." Rainy moment, coming and going suddenly, not persistent, do not make people uncomfortable. "Rain reminds me of childhood memories, when the city is flooded with many places, we take the boxes to the water slide on the street. "
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Nguyen Nhan Tam (yellow shirt)


Phung Bich Du, 21, student at the University of Saigon, known Sai Gon in her love season. "Here I learn, experience and absorb new things, meet new people with a very rich spirit and perspective, and this place is also home to all the memories of my students and their friends, brothers and sisters … They have got me a lot helped and made aware of building and developing the community more, help more young people lead a happier life. "

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Phung Bich Du, who calls Saigon by "love"

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"This life is something that everyone wants to be happy, right?" "I am happy because my years are here." Thinking of Saigon, I will remember a region of memory that is called "love", "shared Du.

The angle of Saigon …

Nguyen Tri Tai, 29 years old, member of FAP TV comedy group, who lived in Saigon for 5 years, impressed him in this city because the lights shine at night. The light of the vehicle in the range of the horn in the car, the engine and the people call each other. The lights of the street blocks come together. The lights of the night market, which are rushing to build more buildings, will have more houses, offices. The lights of the highways when the ability to fly at night. The light of the workers wiped waste, diligently in the darkness to make the streets more beautiful. And this city never stands out until the morning.

"Saigon in me has always been a sunny place, many voices from different regions & # 39; s and different kinds of people: from the west to me, rich people, good people, bad … people always find interaction to find I have the feeling that Saigon is a young mistress who makes a lot of noise, but of course every love is sweet and bitter, "said Mr. Tai. .

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"There are many who call Saigon a domain," said Luu Bao Tran, 22, of Da Nang, a student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City. Promised land, many people together in the city to earn a living, dreamed of the day had changed life. But they forget that Saigon does not actually promise anyone that every person promises himself. So there are scenes of the rich, the poor, the laughter, the crying … ".

Tran also expressed: there are people calling Saigon is "paradise". You can see where many lights glisten, crowded streets, there are many interesting interests, including the glory of famous people … then it would be life as natural sugar. Rich and happy, who does not dream, but in fact the Saigon country is busy, people work very well and want to buy a house in the city. But this city is not only flashy and rich. There are many small niches in Saigon, where many people earn a living to eat. The corner of the city, not all young people know …

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