Sun Dance 3 & 4: Song Luan, Khanh Ngan acts as a sleepy TV series

In the last two episodes, Khun Ngan and Song Luan have not improved much in acting. In the farewell romantic scene, song as the voice of the song Monk expression sleepy.

Sun Devil: Song Luan has 6 chests, no less than Song Joong Ki Part 3 movie "Descend the Sun" Vietnamese version, Song Luan has not only lost a bodybreeze show to Song Joong Ki. The acting of the actors was not appreciated.

Episode 3 and 4 of Descend the sun Vietnamese version is broadcast on 30/9. Khun Ngan and Song Luan continue to disappoint the audience when they ruin the emotions in the farewell novels.

In addition, Dr. Hoai Phuong (Kha Ngan) and Captain Duy Kien (Song Luan) their first date. This date is different from the original version, but the situation brings a lot of interest to the public.

The farewell between Huai Phuong and Duy Kien was disappointing

Continuing the episode of the previous episode, Duy Kien brought flowers to the hospital donated to the doctor Hoai Phuong, but she was busy helping patients not know. After waiting, Duy Kien decided to send the flowers back to the hospital with the phone number to Huai Phuong contact person.

Hau due mat troi tap 3 & 4: Song Luan, Kha Phan ngan to make him look like one
Song Luan was criticized for acting, voice as the answer.

Huai Phuong calls Duy Kien actively and does not hesitate to suggest: "Three four reasons to thank, only just give a flower?" The beautiful green doctor, Duy Kien recommended dating. Before the appointment, Duy Kien assumed unexpected duties to immediately leave.

In the original Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) had to leave by plane so that the couple of doctors – soldiers separated on the terrace of the hospital. In the Vietnamese version, Captain Duy Kien was scheduled to leave Hoai Phuong on the ship's side and leave with a canoe. Before he broke up, Duy Kien changed his address to Hoai Phuong with a compliment: "Today you are beautiful". The details seem very romantic to be destroyed by Song Luan when the voice is not emotional, like the post.

Capable's performance in this situation did not reach the emotion. When she saw that the soldier was leaving, the expression of her eyes seemed to be asleep. Before, when the doctor is approached by telephone, the voice of Song Luan is rather dizzy, weakened by the flirtation of courtship.

Duy Kien's sudden disappearance causes Hoai Phuong to panic. She stared at the colleague's phone. When he found out that he was calling in a colleague's office, McQueens kept his voice and voice as if nothing had happened.

Hau due mat troi tick 3 & 4: Song Luan, Kha Ngan is like a dream of him 2
I feel like Ngan is sleepy when Duy Kien says goodbye at the dock.

At the next episode, Dr Hoai Phuong was pinched at work when he had to undergo surgery for Dung, a doctor who was a specialist but his grandson & # 39; used to be.

Dung Horai Phuong was constantly irritated during the operation. After that, Dung again made mistakes which put the patient in the critical situation and forced Huai Phuong to save his hand. However, Hoai Phuong remains indifferent from start to finish. At the same time, Duy Kien fulfills the task of breaking gangs for drug trafficking.

Duy Kien helps Huai Phuong to support the tearing of the dress

After completing the operation, Panic Hoai Phuong then discovered only 2 hours until the time of appointment with the handsome soldiers. She quickly recovered from the disease in her diffuse form. Hoai Phuong Duy Kien is currently waiting for the hospital.

This is different from the original when Huai Phuong quickly ran into the hospital with the help of her best friend to make new clothes. However, the clothes given to Phuong by his best friend did not suit her. After meeting, Duy Kien Huai revealed Phuong's outfit so seriously that he felt like going to work.

Hau due mat troi tap 3 & 4: Song Luan, Kha Phan ngan to make him look like 3
Duy Kien waits, Hoai Phuong has to replace the work uniform.

Huai Phuong has a torn event when he is sitting on a big bike. Kien helped her quickly to tear up her skirt so easily. The mazurine campaign by Duy Kien surprised Huai Phuong. Unfortunately there was no scene of a doctor – soldier who ate a dinner together, dated at home, but many viewers enjoy the story of tearing the skirt.

Both happy with the cinema. Again Duy Kien received the urgent task of Huai Phuong "climbing trees". Huai Phuong did not hide his disappointment. She was determined to watch the film, although Duy Kien promised to go see her later. Immediately after Duy Kien had left, the doctor also received a phone call from the hospital. Method is omitted for the third time The selected person is manure, because manure is a family member of hospital management.

Hau due mat troi tap 3 & 4: Song Luan, Kha Phan ngan to make him look like 4
The performance of the NPC does not show many signs of improvement.

Huai Phuong immediately rushed to the hospital, questioned the leader, and happened to meet Dung. Both have the same antics as the original, his colleagues to discourage. Then she went outside and sat down alone to learn the script to take part in the TV program instead of Dung. Frustrated by the press, Huai Phuong sobbing. In this scene, acting Khin Ngan has little change, not as difficult, sleepy as before.

& # 39; The sun descendants & # 39 ;: The lieutenant touches the doctor's lightning

In the first two episodes Duy Kien (Song Luan) finds all possible ways to meet her doctor Hoai Phuong (Khe Ngan). Meanwhile, Minh Ngoc (Cao Thai Ha) has shed tears when Bao Huy (Hui Vi) shrank back.

  • Tran Thi Kim Ngan

    Tran Thi Kim Ngan

    Khen Ngan real name is Tran Thi Kim Ngan is a hot girl originated with boxing character's personality, strong. She then turned to acting when she was involved in music videos, films such as "Back 3", "Turn 2", "Hidden Anonymous". Qin can be seen in Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai newspapers for many photo's and a lot of praise for her beauty.

    Did you know: Khanh Ngan won the title of Miss Sport held by the newspaper Scarlet Red in 2010.

    • Date of birth: 31/07/1997
    • Length: 1.69 m

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