Take my sister to travel, leave the woman to vote at home for 9 months, I am stunned when I opened the suitcase

At that moment I felt guilty because I was just a poor man, so I did not dare to love someone. But Mercy did not give up, she proved she genuinely loves me.

Our love is so beautiful that our friends in the hostel were jealous. Many people say that I am good enough to have a beautiful lover, soft, rich children like Shang. Despite the many couples who split up, I still stay together with Shang until I graduate.

We get married when both are 25 years old. After the wedding, I was supported by my wife's family to buy a two-bedroom apartment. Our marriage was full of honey until my wife became pregnant. Because my wife is tired and tired in the first months of pregnancy, I advise her to stop for a while in a nursing home.

When I heard that my wife gave birth to a child, I was not happy when my wife's house did not allow me to see her. Artwork.

When I heard that my wife gave birth to a child, I was not happy when my wife's house did not allow me to see her. Artwork.

During my stay at home, my wife suddenly became a different person. Woman always looking to follow, control my relationships cause me to suffocate. Not to mention, she made the excuse of jealousy, associated me with her other sex. Where I go, my wife also claims to come along. If something goes wrong, my wife often threatens to take a hunger strike to stretch me. Jealous, my wife even calls, offensive messages make my colleague's salt me. I was angry with my wife for almost a month. In fact, my feelings for my wife are not the same as before.

My sister has passed Foreign Trade University. Welcome to you, I promise to take you and your family to Da Nang, as a gift I give you on the day of school. I bought a tour for the whole family. When I spoke with my wife, my wife told me to stay home because she was nearly nine months pregnant, often tired and hurt.

I say that the sweet woman at home waiting for her to take her family to travel for a few days, comes back to take care of, but she does not agree with that. "I am pregnant almost until birth.You can have a baby at any time, so I have to stay with you," she insisted.

I went back home when the furniture was moved from time to time. After the incident, I repeatedly apologized to her and she expected her forgiveness, but she still refused to listen to me. I love my wife, love my children and crave to cuddle my son, but really tired of the way his wife and family wife. Since my wife is too unreasonable, I also booked tours for the whole family, can not miss the appointment so decided to go.

My trip to my family should be fun if I do not open my suitcase and receive my wife's divorce petition. Thought she was angry, impatient, my apologies to my wife received information that my wife suddenly ripped amnion, so he was urgently hospitalized.

I rushed to the hospital to hear the information that my wife had a son. But the wife of my family did not allow me to meet children at this time. They said that I was the kind of man who left his wife and children and cursed me with difficult words.

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