Tang Nhat Tue joined BXH and follows the Vpop hit closely

Tino & # 39; s solo song (TINO FT. KOP) reached the Top 10 most listened songs of the week, followed closely by hit Vpop hits.

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#zingchart week 33 Top 10 most wanted songs on Zing MP3 33rd week.

After 2 weeks Top 10, I love it Tino & # 39; s "chick" from Tang Nhat Tue has risen 3 levels to officially take the #th place this week. This is the first time that Tino has made the top 10 Vietnamese charts.

song I love it Tino received positive feedback from the audience thanks to the drama Sticky rice sticky rice. Besides, many people think that cute lyrics with a sweet melody affect the psychology of youth is the plus of the song.

Next I love it, another song from Tino Oh yes you are keep this week also on Top 10. Oh yes you are currently stands at the 15th place of BXH but has a realtime (performance per hour) pretty good.

At the moment, on the realtime card of # zingchart, Tino & # 39; s two numbers occupy the sixth and seventh place simultaneously. If Tino keeps the record, Tino has the possibility to own two songs at the same time. Top 10 #zing card week.

Tino (Zero 9) has the possibility to have two numbers in the top 10 #zingchart next week.

In addition, the new song from Will also made a pretty strong debut on #zingchart. Last nostalgia currently ranked at number 4 of the 10 most frequently cited numbers.

Andiez & # 39; s songwriter, Will, has watched 7 million times in just one week on Zing MP3.

Another composition by Andiez was also in the top 10 this week. almost the, movie soundtrack Journey of youthup 2 places to the eighth place this week.

Top 3 stayed the same as last week. You too? stay a second week the king on #zingchart week.

The reign of Dat G helped the underground community re-enter the & # 39; get on the Vpop race. In the past 3 months, the regular vocalists occupied the top spot in the chart Do not like the habit (JayKii & Sara Liu) I miss you (Huong Tram).

G reached the king of the #zingchart the second week in a row.

You too? Helping the music of the Indie / Underground community, such as the beginning of 2018, gaining strength again.

Besides Andiez, Dat G is also a songwriter with two hit singles number 10 this week You too? and Do not forget your name. In addition Do not forget your name, composing Dat G for Hoa Vinh, has hit 100 million times on Zing MP3 on 20/8.

This is a rare achievement for the debut number of a new Vpop touch voice like Hoa Vinh. Can say, after the phenomenon See the falling flower, the artistic path of the 27-year-old singer is quite favorable, despite the controversy surrounding his voice.


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