The 5-year-old says four languages ​​sell food to foreigners on the beach

At the age of five, Warassaya girl "Fern" Patin from Thailand was able to communicate with foreigners in four languages ​​including Thai, Chinese, English and Malay to help her sell fruit and

  5- Thai woman speaks 4 languages, loves hawk for foreigners

5-year-old Thai woman speaks 4 languages, fond of peddling to foreigners.

She has brown skin, clear eyes, often with two fruit and food baskets, beach vendors everywhere in Klong Heng Beach in Krabi, Thailand, Welcome to buy.

Patin girl is the pride of the family. Sunee Patimin, 45, the mother of Patin, is happy that her daughter is known.

"I have a fruit stand on the beach In his spare time, Patin likes to help his mother to offer international food, many visitors like to buy her, Patin learned foreign languages ​​very quickly, I am in a kindergarten in Krabi. Patin teaches English, Chinese and Malay, "her mother shared.

  She is known for her dexterity.

She is known for

Only 5 years old, but she is very interested in helping her mother. She could play with her friends like the other children, but Patin was more interested in the job. She often helps me to sell when I am away or at the weekend. My family always makes sure that she learns how she can support her parents. "

The Thai girl is very smart at work." Travelers love their food because they say they are fresh. If they do not like it, they will pay it back. I love walking and chatting with tourists. Every day I earn about 500-700 baht (about 350 thousand to 500 thousand), "she said.

Krabi is a sea paradise in southern Thailand, with its unique combination of natural beauty and untouched nature, Krabi Beach promises an impressive destination for the pagoda.

  Paradise Island Krabi Island south of Thailand

Paradise Krabi Island south of Thailand

Here you can enjoy watching hundreds of large and small islands in the Andaman Sea , boating or kayaking on the river, visiting the limestone cliffs with

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