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At the age of 22 Jimmy Bennett started acting when he was six years old. He took a number of impressive roles as a child. But he soon stopped acting 11 years ago.

Asia Argento, one of the most prominent names in the # MeToo movement, was beaten up by his male sex worker Jimmy Bennett when he was 17. While Argento was quite famous last year to participate in #meToo and to have her boyfriend as head chef Anthony Bourdain, her victim Bennett was less famous.

As a child actor, stop working and become a musician, Bennett claims that Argento paid him $ 380,000 to remain silent at the incident when he was 17. This action took place only a few months after the actress revealed that she was raped by film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Filmed at the age of 6 but no stars

The information about Bennett is pretty thin. He and Argento first worked together in 2004 when he was 7 years old. It's a movie The heart is deceitful above all things, Argento co-scripted and directed.

In addition to Bennett, the film also includes other teen-actors, twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse, 12 years old. They all play the son of Jeremiah of Sarah & # 39; s mother played by Argento, alternately in childhood and adolescence.

In the film, Bennett also plays a scene of rape by his mother's boyfriend (Jeremy Renner).

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Asia Argento and Jimmy Bennett in the film The Heart is deceitful above all else (2014). photo: Telegraph.

After the film, Argento and Bennett still maintain a close relationship, where they approach each other as mothers on the social network. For Bennett, Argento is both a teacher and a mother in his eyes (in real life she is divorced and she has two children).

Yet this mother-child relationship at the beginning of the film shows no signs of progress, because Bennett is too young.

Bennett's career grew quickly, even though he was still a boy. In the 2000s the actor had a much more memorable role than his role in The heart is deceitful above all things.

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Jimmy Bennett on the magazine Glamoholic

At the beginning of the film Bennett was cast in the TV series The Guardian and Strong medicine. At the age of 6, he had a breakthrough role in the film Daddy Day Care and Eddie Murphy. The next is a good series like Evan Almighty close to each other Steve Carell, portrayed the kidnapped victim hostage, the lonely boy survived Poseidon, or adopted brother in the murder movie Orphan.

Apart from that, Bennett also mentioned animated films, with several films too The Polar Express, Winnie the Pooh and Charlie Brown, seven new artists won nominations at different prices. In his teens he continued to shine in films Alabama Moon, Stolen, Bones, A Girl Like Her …

His last film role is so far in the film heartbreaker (2017) directed by Chris Sivertson.

Contemplating money with parents leads to the singing

to follow peopleBennett's parents Frank and Marty have a crepe restaurant with hard rock theme outside Los Angeles. Bennett and her sister Amanda often come to help their parents take care of the restaurant.

Bennett's father said that the idea to open the restaurant came from his wife and son during his movie trips and saw many crepe restaurants everywhere. It was Bennett's adaptation of the TV series No ordinary family from ABC.

At this moment the parents are separated from Bennett, his mother has a new husband. In 2014, the actor filed a lawsuit against his mother and his grandmother of 1.5 million deceived the film since his childhood. Bennett also blocked the door and kept his property at home, saying he had fallen into a fire.

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Asia Argento is still silent about information about sexual assault and pays for Bennett as a cook New York Times to extinguish. photo: Getty Images.

After stopping acting, Bennett demonstrated his skill in music. Via the social network account that was removed after Argento and via his own YouTube channel, he regularly placed video footage of himself while he was singing songs and playing the guitar. One of the songs is The summer never ends used for adventure film shorts (2009) with him.

In 2011 Bennett officially joined the singer when he released the MV Once again. In 2012, Bennett announced the MV Everything about you. Gordon K. Sattro, his lawyer, said that his career will focus on music ever since.

Sexual assault in Hollywood: when the victim is a & # 39; devil & # 39; appears to be

What is a scandal story: Asia Argento – who accused Harvey Weinstein of rape – forced a young person into sex again.

17-year-old actor was sexually abused

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