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Ho Thien Trang (17 years), a student of the Tran Phu High School (Hanoi), a famous network with beautiful beauty. Few people know that they have three blood groups: Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese.

Beautiful beauty of & # 39; hot girl Tran Phu & # 39; In her spare time, Thien Trang often models for fashion brands in Hanoi.


I admit that the chance of encountering a beautiful, modern, eye-catching dress is now very big. Come to school with flowers, the road will meet the "hot girl bus", "hot girl police" or "hot girl selling fruit" … the network will certainly be the "hot girl Instagram" or "IT girl" highlights.

Another interesting thing is that more and more 10X girls are born with the beautiful resemblance of a hot girl. The moment can be on the school grounds, in class or by accident short clips, together with the reaction of the community, the girl quickly noticed and suddenly became famous.

Recently, a forum posted a picture of a beautiful white ao dai that drew the attention of netizens. On the photo 's the girls had a radiant smile, soulful eyes and sharp eyebrows. Many realize that it is Thien Trang, 12th grade of Tran Phu High School, Hanoi.

Many winged words are given to the 10X girls. Not many people comment on her own beauty like Thai girls. So there is a potential character that contributes to the hot 10X hot platform that is not inferior to the previous generation.

Chat with, Thien Trang (full name of Thien Trang Lake) is more mature than age. You reveal yourself to bring in three generations of blood: Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese. In particular, the greatest love of Thien Trang is football, not make-up or fashion as many people imagine.

Fortunately, it has nice looks

"My grandmother is Chinese, my grandfather is a Thai-Vietnamese hybrid" – Thien Trang liked to explain his strange beauty. At the first sight of the 10X girls, the highlight is the dark and sharp eyebrows. That is why many people recognize her as similar to a Thai girl.

Thien Trang style is more mature than age. She is loyal to black hair, long and curled. Gu & # 39; s fashion 10X also received many compliments from the network community.

With his appearance, Thien Trang was quickly labeled as "hot girl Tran Phu". Prior to this name, 10X humbly thanked the online community. Besides, her friend said that "hot girl" will put pressure on herself, want to improve herself.

Followed on Instagram, Thien Trang is easy to see well live. But she has no taste for the brand. With 10X girls just choose the right clothes and the self-confidence is the best.

Favorite player Nguyen Quang Hai

This summer Thien Trang traveled to Moscow, Russia. For the first time to view the biggest soccer tournament in the world, 10X can not hide the joy. Besides a satisfied passion this is also a holiday to meet Thien Trang and boyfriend. Tran Phu did not hesitate to share her friend more than 6 years, living and doing business in Russia.

Referring to the football theme, Thien Trang was very excited. As for the ASIAD 2018 season, the girl said she felt very happy and nervous while waiting for the upcoming quarter finals of the Olympic team in Vietnam.

The idol of Thien Trang is "hero Nguyen Quang Hai". 10X hopes that he will deliver the performance in the match on 27/8.

Besides watching football, free time, regular rehearsal space and reading. Disclosure of future intentions, 10X said: "The closest goal is to pass the Academy of Journalism and Propaganda, the major event organization." She said that it is a dynamic environment, comfortable and happy to create creative fitness for youth.

At the moment Thien Trang, besides his studies at school, is also occasionally a model for some fashion brands. It is not the intention to break the arts, because there are many other goals, but she still hopes to get the support of people if the charm is involved in a particular project.

Apart from the compliments, many people noticed that Thien Trang should not fall in love as soon as he is too publicly emotional when he is still a high school student. "I am convinced that I am able to balance my studies, work and personal interests," she said.

"In addition to the photo 's on the personal page, I am still a normal student and I try to go to the nearest university," says Thien Trang.

Asked Date & Kiss"The purpose of the program is entertainment and they have achieved this." She noted that this type of game show should limit the age of the players and viewers should be wise to choose the right things.

Goddess comes to China: Sang, looks like Min Hyo Rin

Thanks to the sharp, charismatic silhouette, Helen (19, from Shanghai) is lovingly referred to as the "perfect copy" of the Korean actress Min Hyo Rin.

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