The hundred billion supercar journey and giant series of Krakow

Tuesday, 02/10/2013 00:06 AM (GMT + 7)

The Vietnamese Showbiz in the beginning of October drew the most attention Cuong Do La – Dam Thu Trang.

Cuong Doa in public called Dam Thu Trang a woman who showed a hundred billion super cars

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On the weekend Cuong Dalat placed a photo in a car, a very artistic effect. To the question of friends: "Did you take a photo session?" Cuong Đa suddenly replied: "Hic hic, wife gave you a chance."

The public appeal Dam Thu Trang is the woman made the saying of businessmen Berg was noted. The relationship of the two is becoming increasingly clear. Since the rumors are rumored, the two have had no scandals.

Last weekend, Cuong Doo and his friends organized a supercar trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau. On his personal Instagram he shows supercar models with many expensive models, most of which are Lamborghini.

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25 billion "evaporates" after Kieu Minh Tuan – An Nguyen "known" adultery?

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Dung Dung, the "filmmaker's dad, does not marry her mother", is afraid that after more than a week the film earns only 10 billion dong, while the costs that she has spent 25 billion are co. Although the screening time is still about 1 week, but the manufacturer has identified the risk of fairly heavy losses.

The filmmaker claims that the main mistake caused by love scandals by Kieu Minh Tuan and An Nguyen caused "confession", was sentimental when the film ended. Dung said: "When Kieu Minh Tuan – An Nguyen confirmed the affection in the press, I still do not know the story, and the next day I was asked by family members to dismiss. I immediately contacted the couple, but no one answered satisfying me, the media department told me to be calm because of the treatment, and the director also advised me not to shock, I would have to find a solution. "

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Noo Phuoc Thinh opened his wallet to return 20 billion fans to "back"

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A few days ago, the social network appeared information Noo Phuoc Thinh new luxury villa two frontage in the city costs to more than 20 billion euros. Even the source also shared photos of man and woman Ngoc Lan in this area, the neighbor of the male singer.

Shortly after the information was shared, Noo Phuoc Thinh responded quickly. However, male singers do not deny or confirm, the more fans are curious.

Concretely he placed photo's of his wallet with the words: "Who is home million million, drive billions, hook enough to buy a cup of coffee with the package is happy …".

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Ms. Van said that Dan Truong "neglected" children in villa's of millions of dollars

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In March 1977, Dan Truong welcomed his first son after a long wait. The baby was born in the United States. Until now, Thien Tu was more than a year old and lived with his mother in the American Million Dollar villa of his family.

The care for her son is shared by the business woman Thuy Tien – Dan Truong: "What I find most comfortable is that Thien Da is independent of her childhood, I appreciate her as a polite and respectful workshop.

Talk about Dan Truong not often with the mother and daughter, Thuy Tien added: "He often facetime (application phone image display) to talk to children and inform the baby, I know him almost, although he is not often with my mother and son stays. & # 39;

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Truong Giang "swirled" money ham, Hoa Minzy reaction shocked

HOT: the supercar trip of a thousand dollars and Vietnam - 6 great series

In the first episode of the Fast as Lightning Season 2, Hoa Minzy, Duc Phuc and Erik have hilarious dialogues with MC Chang Jiang.

When Duc Phuc confirmed on the program: "Although losses must also leave a mark in the heart of the public," Minzy said rightly: "And must have more money."

For this frank and powerful statement, Chang Jiang Hoa Minzy quickly recalled: "Why do you say that?" Why did you come to the show for money? good money ".

The singer is not afraid to share the reason: "Fun is always fun, but important is money, whether it's fun or not, money is always needed.

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Cuong Dole kissed Dam Thu publicly for hundreds of eyes

The romantic moments of Cuong Doan and Dam Thu Trang in the marriage ceremony Diep Lam Anh.

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