The man accepts the stigma of publicly changing sex in a woman

Refused to request the reason "half of the other half", Ha Anh accepts the calf in the restaurant to have money to buy female hormones.

29/5/2018 is the most memorable day in the life of Nguyen Vu Ha Anh. The day she received the message of her parents '21st birthday greetings: "Happy Birthday, I hope the path you choose will be right, no matter what happens, you're still the parents' children." Read the message that Ha Anh is crying for tu tu, because this is the first time in the course of the years that she heard the word "daughter" through his own birth.

Ha Anh & # 39; s birth name is Nguyen Duy Long, from Bac Giang, a student at the Hanoi Art and Culture College. She is a rare student of an open transgender school. She is also a prominent young face with activities for the LGBT community in Hanoi.

Boys and girls have been playing piano ever since
Boys and girls have been playing piano ever since
Ha Anh before and after transgender. Photo: L.N.

Ha Anh was born with a male gender, but deep in his soul he always wants to become a daughter of the family. Since he was young, Ha Anh has known himself differently from his friend of the same age. She walked quietly, did not play the son's games but played with the girls. Fear of stigma, fear of parents, Ha Anh should hide his true self during the years of his student.

Ha Anh has been transformed into a man who has lived as a vocal student of the Military Arts and Culture College. At the end of the first year, Ha Anh began to have her for a long time and changed the way he lived as a real girl. Since the public transsexual one year Ha Anh did not dare to go home. Before New Year 2016, Ha Anh named his mother "Now I am a girl, I want to go to the new year with my family", her mother was very shocked.

Mother of mother, Ha Anh, saw his son born with long hair, dressed in a skirt, high heels, striped with lips, she was silent. She was scared, afraid, I thought again. The parents of Ha Anh also said that their children go to school, away from "infected" from friends to ban school.

That year in Ha Anh not happy. Both she and her parents did not dare to be afraid of neighbors. They are all estranged, even the parents of the children also forbid them to approach Ha Anh. Knowing that that will be difficult, but Ha Anh said that "can not lie to yourself, to live happily with his real sex." She begs parents to understand and support this decision.

Boys and girls have been playing piano ever since
Ha Anh is planning to undergo surgery to become a real woman. Photo: H.A

To become a real girl, Ha Anh started with the use of female hormones. Because of poor health, she can not use the drug in the form of an injection of medication and medication. Female hormone supplement, Ha Anh feels the change in the person. "My body is more feminine, my skin is white, my limbs are not rough," said the girl.

Since his childhood years, Ha Anh has experienced many difficulties, especially when applying for a job. Most places refuse the reason that they are "halfway". To have money to buy hormones, Ha Anh must be a waitress in a restaurant, poorly paid jobs, no personal information.

Ha Anh intends to continue with the completion of the school and soon surgery to become completely transgender. The girl's desire for a Sexual Transition Act was quickly passed on to transgenders like her "to have a normal life, not to be discriminated against, to find a job and to pursue their happiness."

Currently, it is estimated that Vietnam has more than 400,000 transgenders. Because of social, cultural and legal barriers, these people are vulnerable to discrimination and vulnerability. A transgender community study conducted by CARMAH and the University of Pittsburgh in the United States found that 45% of unemployed claims were due to discrimination. 4% of respondents had a job, 13% lived on prostitution. 83% of respondents said they were mocked by the community.

Dinh Thi Thu Thuy, a specialist in the legal department of the Ministry of Health, said that the Vietnamese law recognizes only two sexes, male and female, and that gender number 3 is not recognized. The law on marriage and the family Recognize marriages between people of the same sex. Civil law, Legerdienstrecht, Law on the enforcement of detention, pre-trial detention, Law on the execution of criminal cases … there are no rules for transsexuals. That is why virtually no medical, legal and social services are available for transgenders. Some transgender individuals have completed transsexual matters, legal issues such as unpaid identification.

The Ministry of Health is in the process of drafting a law on the transmission of sexes and is collecting comments. The design is expected to be presented to the National Assembly for approval in 2019.

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